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Lamborghini Event in Magarigawa: Lamborghini Turf Circuit Experience 2024 Spring Guida Sportiva

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Circuit Experience 2024 Spring: Sports Driving

The other day, my husband and I drove all the way to Tateyama in Chiba Prefecture in our Lamborghini.

We arrived at…

The truck came into view, it came into view.

Now, where is this?

When we arrived, the place was already full of Lamborghinis.

Yes, this isThe Magarigawa Club..

On this day, an event was being held by Lamborghini Shiba of Cornes, so I went to participate in it.

My family will be attending in a Huracan EVO.

This time, my husband will be running. I went along to accompany him.

I've actually been to the Magarigawa Club once before and even had the chance to ride there myself, but I didn't write about it on my blog... so this was my second time riding at Magarigawa for my wife and I.

Since I am not a member, the opportunity to race at events like this is very valuable. Thank you very much.

Lunch at Magarigawa

The event started with lunch as soon as we arrived.

We had a course meal at the restaurant in Magarigawa. Everything was delicious.

The dish in the bottom left is Magarigawa's signature dish, White Stroganoff. When I asked, "What is that yellow stuff on top?" I was told it was pumpkin. Wow.

After finishing my meal I was full and somehow I felt so relaxed that I thought to myself, "Today I came to eat at Magarigawa," and after saying thank you for the meal I almost wanted to leave (lol).


But the real action of the day begins here.

First, participants gathered in the pit lane for a briefing.

The event began with a greeting from the general manager of Cornes Motors, followed by an introduction and greetings from the instructors who would be providing instruction for the drivers on the day.

What's amazing about Cornes' events is that the instructors are always amazing. The instructors on this day were:

  • Shinichi Takagi
  • Seiji Ara
  • Mr. Takaaki Matsuura
  • Takumi Sanada

4 people:

Personally, I think Takagi-san and Ara-sanPorsche Driving Lessons (PTX)I was very happy to be able to meet him again on this day, as I have been grateful for his help in these areas.

It was explained that the Magarigawa course has quite a few ups and downs (maximum 20%), providing an exciting feeling like no other, and that on the straights the participating vehicles would normally reach speeds of 260-280km/h, so markers have been placed at the braking points, making sure to brake firmly.

After the instructors finished their greetings and explanations, they announced, "Now we'll move on to the warm-up run, so please get ready," and as we were about to disperse, one of the instructors, Mr. Sanada, approached us.

She greeted me with a refreshing smile and said, "It's been a while," but for a moment I was in a mini-panic, thinking, "What? It's been a while? What? What?"

Reunion with Takumi Sanada

Because, actually, while you were speaking in front of everyone as an instructor, I wasn't even aware of it.

This "Instructor Sanada-san" was... "Takumi-san"!!

I was really moved.

This is Takumi Sanada, who has been very kind to me for a long time.Driving lesson Sunako JukuHe was someone who had come to help out at the time.

At that time, he was just a staff member helping out, and I never dreamed that he would appear in front of me like this now, as an instructor (sorry)!!

When I realized, "Oh my goodness, that Takumi?!" I was truly moved from the bottom of my heart.

This may be a really rude analogy, but it's like seeing a relative's child grow up to be a fine young man (lol). What an old lady-like comment (lol).

But I was really, really happy. I look forward to your continued success and will continue to support you!

As for the event itself, the participants will move on from a warm-up run to the regular course run.

The event on this day had a driving program divided into three levels, and basically all levels were led by an instructor until the very end (only the highest class was able to do a free run at the end, if they wished).

The instructor's lead car was a Huracan STO.

Takagi, Ara and Matsuura led the way at their respective levels, and Takumi was in the pit lane answering questions from everyone who had returned and teaching them a variety of things.

Since I was participating as a companion this time, I was unable to run.

Therefore, we enjoyed watching everyone race on the course from various locations.

Some people may think, "Wouldn't it be boring if I just look around and don't run?" but I don't think that's the case at all.

When I'm running myself, things are pretty hectic and I don't have much time, so I end up just concentrating on the running, but when I go just to watch, I don't have to spend my time or energy on things related to the running, so I can see things that I normally don't have time to look at and I can have leisurely conversations with the staff, which is great in its own way.

First, we took a look around from just outside the pit lane.

That's right, when we were leaving the pit lane and heading out onto the course, the exit was sometimes closed like this:

The car is guided to the closed exit, and when it arrives, it's OK to depart...


This sequence of events, "something that is closed is opened and then comes out," is very dramatic, and I personally thought it was pretty cool when I watched it.

Speaking of leading the way, I really enjoy leading the way on the highway.

It's much easier to know which line to take when there's a fast professional leading the way than when I'm told to "go ahead and do it freely." You also only have to match your speed to that of the person in front, so it's like they're pulling you along (of course, the instructor assesses your level and sets the maximum speed for me that I can keep up with).

I think that at my level, the best way to learn is to have someone lead the way at high speed and just follow along.

When I was watching that day, I thought to myself, "I want to run behind them too~"

Among the vehicles participating that day was the Huracan Stellato.

It was also great to see Stellato running.

Each car was assigned a number, and you could check which car was where on the screen in the pit lane.

You can also view real-time camera footage of each corner of the track.

It's like a control tower at a circuit.

There are also villas (accommodation) in Magarigawa, so we were able to go around to that side and view the course.

On that day, the villa was open to our companions, so we were able to use the room as we pleased to take a break or look around.

I'm a little happy that there are snacks too.

Oh, there were snacks and drinks prepared for everyone in the pit lane too.

You can see the course right in front of you from the balcony of your villa, so you can watch the course or take a short break from here. It's a truly luxurious experience.

We were able to select our favourite corner of the Magarigawa course and view the camera footage on the TV screen in the room, so while watching the real trains running in front of us from the balcony, we could also see trains running around a different corner on TV.

Along the way, everyone will stop their cars for a lecture session.

It certainly could be useful to have a lecture after riding the course for a bit.

During the lecture, for those who had already ridden the course and had a feel for it, he taught us a lot of things, including explanations such as "Don't try too hard in this corner, and take it to the next one."

By the way, Cornes' racing suit looks like the Porsche 911 Dakar Rally Design Package (Rothmans)... sorry for asking such a pointless question again. I've always thought "I've seen this somewhere before" (lol).

Circuit taxi experience at Magarigawa

Following the classroom session, a "circuit taxi" session took place before the next course run.

This means that you will sit in the passenger seat of a car driven by an instructor and enjoy driving around the course.

This circuit taxi even had a seat prepared for my companion, so I was able to ride in it too. What a pleasant surprise!

I think most of the people who were going to ride brought their own helmets etc, but it was helpful that the people accompanying me also brought helmets.

Now it's time for a confession. In the past, I had given up the right to ride in the passenger seat with Mr. Ara while he was going full throttle at Fuji Speedway, which I had won in a lottery out of 700 other people.

Well, well, this is a long story,At that time, I had more important things to do, so I had no choice.But at that time, I believed that "one day I will be able to ride in Mr. Ara's passenger seat again," and I have been coming here ever since...

Although it wasn't on an international racing course, I thought to myself that the day had finally come when I would be able to experience riding in the passenger seat of Ara-san's Huracan STO.

However, it's ok.

It seems that giving up the right to have been selected out of 700 people was a big sin after all (lol), and on that day, "Participants who are drivers will be passengers in a Huracan STO, and their companions will be passengers in an Urus."

Ahhh, I couldn't sit in Mr. Ara's passenger seat after all (tears tears).

Urus Performante full throttle driving experience

I thought! !!

When I got into the Urus, I was surprised to see Takumi in the driver's seat!

I thought that I wouldn't be driving this time, but by unexpected coincidence, I ended up having the opportunity to experience circuit taxi driving in Takumi's Urus, an Urus Performante.

This makes me so happy. I'll soon forget about Mr. Ara's curse (lol).

Speaking of the Urus Performante, we were very impressed by its catchphrase, "For Bar Raisers Only," so my wife and I have started calling this model the "bar raiser" ^^. The driving experience in this car this time was also great, and best of all, it was driven by Takumi.

We all said "Full throttle please," and Takumi went full throttle with great enthusiasm.

Driving the Urus Performante was amazing! I still smile when I think about it, it was so much fun.

My honest impression was, "How can the Urus not flip over even if it drives like this?!" (laughs).

Even in corners where you would normally think, "This is going to roll over," the Urus demonstrated driving performance that was beyond what you would expect from an SUV, and I was truly impressed by how amazing the Urus Performante is.

I may not have been able to experience this excitement at STO.

What was even more fantastic was that the person who gave me such an impressive drive was my relative's young son, Takumi... (that's too rude (lol)), but the fact that Takumi is a wonderful driver was the most enjoyable experience of the day for me.

The Urus Performante was really amazing. It was a great car. It was the perfect car for the Bar Raisers.

After the thrilling and exciting ride on the circuit taxi, the participating drivers then took to the course for a few more drives.

This time, we toured the site from a location recommended by the general manager of Cornes Motors, who is knowledgeable about Magarigawa, who asked us to "tell him some good spots to tour the site."

This is what I bought. ↓

It's located near the entrance to the Magarigawa clubhouse, and from here you can see the final point where there are a series of squiggles and corners.

From this spot I was able to watch the instructor's riding and line taking, whilst enjoying some time alone in a relaxing place surrounded by nature.

Once you get here, there is no one around and you are surrounded by nature, listening to the sounds of birds and the like, all while hearing the sound of the Lambo's engine.

It was such a happy moment.

We had plenty of fun and it was a very fulfilling and enjoyable day.

Thank you to Cornes Shiba, Magarigawa, the sales representative, the instructors and staff, and all the participants who joined us!

On the way back, one of the participating owners waved to me as he passed me on the highway. However, I was too late to notice and react (I'm too old) so I'm sorry... but I was very happy. Thank you very much.

The Huracan EVO is a really good car, and the Huracan Performante that I had the opportunity to drive this time was also an amazing car!

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