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Ferrari 488 Pista (488 Pista) Part 2: Inside the car, interior, etc.

Posted: July 12, 2018 Updated:

Ferrari 488 Pista Introducing the actual vehicle and interior (inside the vehicle)

Previously posted about 488 Pista's appearance photoThis time, I took a picture of the inside of the car (interior). First of all, I would like to open the door on the driver's side. The inner doorknob on the driver's side is a strap. But it's Alcantara, so it's luxurious!

I'm not good at strap knobs such as Porsche GT3RS (I'm sorry), but with this Alcantara specification, I think that a strap is fine ... In the case of Porsche, even the door panel can be changed to Alcantara, but this strap can not be changed to Alcantara specifications ...? I'm sorry if it's different ...

I don't like it, if you think about it, is this strap just a door handle? ?? So, when I actually opened the door, I used the place under it to open it ...

It's hard to understand, but the bottom of the door on the driver's side.

Speaker part (door).

The left part seen from the driver's seat.

The front of the handle.

From the diagonal right of the steering wheel.

The 488 Pista and Ferrari logos are displayed in the back.

The whole picture inside the car.

From the passenger seat side.

A view of the handle part from the side. Paddle shift is a long version from the beginning (default).

Around the driver's seat and accelerator pedal.

driving seat. Alcantara specification, 4-point seat belt for bucket seats (European market version). I like these hard seats in the car more than the fluffy seats (strange?), So I really liked this seat. Alcantara has a luxurious feel! !!

center console. The central gear switch part.

There was also a cup folder.

There are two USB outlets.

Around the rearview mirror.

Inside the car (seat) from the passenger seat side.

The air conditioner is usually on, and the JBL speaker is also installed. ↓ The characters of Apple Carplay are on the console.

But there is no glove box.

The letters "488 PISTA" are on the dashboard.

The foot of the passenger seat.

The inside door of the passenger seat. Here, the knob (handle) was not a strap (the knob, or the place where you actually open it, is the place where you pull the back of this handle). Why? !!

Still, it was Alcantara specification (is it rolled?). But why isn't the passenger seat a strap ... If you want to reduce the weight, I feel that the strap is also good, but I don't know why this happened only in the passenger seat. It's dangerous if the passenger seat isn't grabbed while running (laughs)? !!

The lower part when the door is opened. Ferrari logo.

It feels like looking through the engine from inside the car.

I just saw the engine part from the rear. I'm sorry it's shining and hard to understand. I forgot to open it ...

This is a lot of stuffing, but I saw the rear from the top of the glass hood.

Finally, I had you open the trunk part.

Surprisingly large trunk space!

488 Pista, all the back side of the trunk is also lightweight with carbon

And again, what surprised me here was that the back side of the trunk was all made of carbon!

Looking closely, it's all carbon. amazing!

As mentioned above, it was a quick photo center, but it was the interior of the 488 Pista, the inside of the car, etc. No ~ It was too nice ~! !!



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