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Porsche 911 Sculpture: 992 Turbo Body Bespoke Art

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Limited to 99 pieces worldwide

The "wall-mounted work made of chassis parts of the Porsche 911 Turbo (992)" currently exhibited by the Porsche Design of America sold at the Porsche shop is amazing.

I want ~ ^^

If you have a large room, you will definitely want to attach it to the wall. This is a limited edition of 99 pieces worldwide and is a fully made-to-order product.

It seems that it is made from the chassis parts of the actual Porsche 911 Turbo (992 type), and the silhouette of the 911 that is too nice is expressed on the entire panel.

2 background colors and 17 body colors

The background panel can be selected from white and black, and the color of the body parts can also be selected from 17 colors. By the way, the white of the back is white paint finish, and the black is matte black.

The material is aluminum 100% (the rear panel is also made of aluminum with 5 sheets). The product number is "WAP0501150N024".

Since it is a limited edition of 99 pieces, each work has a serial number from 01 to 99. It weighs about 45 kg and measures 4800 mm x 550 mm x 1480 mm.

Of course it is made in Germany. It ’s good. I really want this if there is even a place to decorate ^ ^

If you are interested, please hurry up and purchase. Please show it when you purchase it! (So who are you talking to (laughs)).

Oh, the price is 18,800 dollars (about 2.13 million yen). It takes about 20 weeks to ship the product.

Click here to purchase productsUS Porsche official shop site

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