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PEC Tokyo Program for Women: Driven Women in PEC Tokyo April 15th

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Advantageous Porsche experience program for women with a capacity of 12 people

A program for women at the Porsche Experience Center Tokyo (PEC Tokyo) that I previously participated inHowever, it has been renamed (?) Driven Women in PEC Tokyo and will be held on Saturday, April 15, 2023.

I'm sorry for men, but I recommend it to women who are interested in Porsche and people who like Porsche because it is a really great program.

What do you recommend? Normally, the instructor will accompany you for 90 minutes one by one, and only the price for the driving experience program where you can run Porsche by yourself, there are many other things in this women's program. Because I'm tired.

April 15, 2023 Driven Women in PEC Tokyo program details

The contents of the program currently being recruited for April 15 are as follows.

The first is, of course, the 90-minute driving experience. A driving program that anyone can experience (if you pay) in the so-called normal PEC Tokyo.

You can also choose the Porsche you want to experience by yourself (* The price will change depending on the selected vehicle → In other words, the price of the selected vehicle will be the participation fee for the women's program)

In addition to the driving program, a female motor journalist also participates in this event, so it's fun to talk with journalists who are more knowledgeable about cars in general. One.

Of course, there's no need to say that you have to talk about car geeks (laughs), but since it's a female group, you can enjoy small talk ^^

The journalist this time is Yuko Iida.

And here are the points you should not forget.

Meals are also included. A light meal is included in the price of the driving program.

If you take a closer look, it says, "Prepare a special souvenir." What? With a souvenir? ? … Did you get it at my time too (laughs).

Furthermore, there is also a program that allows you to ride in the instructor-driven Porsche and experience the vehicle performance.

At my time it was Taikan, but this time it's an off-road experience with Cayenne. Nice!

The other day, I was just watching an acquaintance of mine experience a 90-minute off-road drive in Cayenne, but it seemed scary to drive by myself, so I was able to experience this with the instructor's driving. It looks fun to hang out with.

It is written that there will be team competition activities and team building while riding in the Cayenne, but what will you do?

No matter what, we share the same experience and share the same time, and each of us has a common point of "I like Porsche, I am interested in Porsche", so the time with the people I met here is very I think it will be fun.

In fact, I also met people in this program and latermorning missionI was able to meet again and talk again, and the circle of Porsche lovers expanded ^ ^

Okay, and one last good point. It's a photo shoot by a professional photographer.

A professional photographer will be taking pictures throughout the entire day of the event, not only group photos of the participants, but also various other photos.

And what's even more amazing is that the participants can receive the photos taken by the photographer at a later date.

Here are the photos I received after I participated last time (*The image quality has been lowered for the blog, but the actual high-quality photos will be sent) ↓

Photos of instructors and people who are explained.

I received a lot of photos taken in cool PEC Tokyo, but among them, I am particularly happy...

Photos such as when running on the course of PEC Tokyo! !

This is something you cannot capture yourself in a normal driving program.

On this day (the day I participated), as you can see, the weather was great, so if you say that the running Porsche shines! !

You can get a lot of photos like this, so I think that somewhere you can see the car when you are driving yourself, so it will be a very good memory.

Could it be that I am the GT3 in this stationary circle? ? No~ I'm so happy! ! … that’s what happens (laughs).

Although it is not posted this time, we will ask you to take pictures of the participants when they are on board, when they are talking, during meals, during team building, etc.

Since the test drive of the Taikan was done for each team, there were also shootings for each team in front of the Taikan ^ ^

After enjoying a lot of great deals like this, it was a perfect event where you could get a lot of beautiful photos to commemorate.

By all means, if you are interested, why not join us ^^ Oh, it's only for women, right?

Program for event companions

It's a women-only program, but from this time, it seems that a program for those companions is also available.

In other words, when the husband takes his wife away, the husband can kill time with this companion program.

The content is a driving simulator (30 minutes) and an off-road demo lap (about 30 minutes).

In addition, at meal time, you can have a meal with a woman who is participating in the Driven Women program (snacks are included).

In that case, women who are worried about going alone may be relieved because they can have someone go with them and eat together.

By the way, it seems that the program for companions is 11,000 yen including tax per person.

There are only 12 people available, so if you are interested, please make a reservation as soon as possible.

Click here for program details and reservations:Driven Women in PEC Tokyo

For those who are not convenient for this schedule, it will be held on the following schedule in 2023, so it may be a good idea to open your schedule from now and adjust it ^ ^

Scheduled dates for 2023: Saturday, June 10th, Friday, August 11th, Saturday, October 21st, Saturday, December 9th

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