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BMW with black emblem and other cars I met

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Year-end and New Year control strengthening campaign period

From a few days ago, when I got in the car, Mr. Radar immediately told me, "It's the year-end and New Year crackdown campaign period," as soon as I started the engine.

It's not because it's a period of strengthening the crackdown, but I'd like to keep in mind that I can spend the rest of 2018 safely so that there will be no accidents. Recently, I've heard a lot about mobile orbis, so I have to be careful.

年末年始取締強化運動期間 レーダー コムテック

Drive in Tokyo at the end of the year with GT3 for the first time in a long time

It's been a while since I had a little business this morning, but I ran with a Porsche GT3.

It's supposed to be a car that can run hard on the circuit, but it's a great car that I can enjoy driving around the city without any feelings from the morning.

And even if you just ride a little in the city, there is something different from 911 Carrera, and it's just fun ^^ What is this narcotic charm? I also love the 911 Carrera, and I always use it to get on quickly, but the GT3 is a car that always makes me think "I want to run in GT3!" Somewhere in my heart.

The beauty of this taillight is ... you can see it all the time. And the beauty of this feather! !! !! it's the best. (← de transformation)

Porsche911 GT3 ポルシェ911 GT3 991.2 991後期

Well, that's true for Carrera, but especially when running in GT3, if the road in front of you is a little open, you will want to go bye. And when I think "I'm going", he says "Yes, I have too much room, but I'll go".

Even though the other party is a car, I like the feeling that I'm completely rolled in the palm of the GT3 (laughs).

"I'm sorry for being such a strange owner, but I have a lot of feelings that I love GT3!" While talking about metamorphosis again, when I suddenly looked at the meter, the mileage was "3,777". 777 doublet.

Porsche911 GT3 ポルシェ911 GT3 内装 GT3スポーツククロノパッケージ

I thought it was 777, and when I looked at the clock, the time was 9:11.

I felt like it was going to be a good day, saying, "777 at 9:11!", And I was in a good mood from the morning. Simple ^^

Porsche911 GT3 ポルシェ911 GT3 内装 GT3スポーツククロノパッケージ

Oh yeah,I made a parking lot for Porsche key chains in GT3I wrote that before, but at that time I was parked like this ↓

Porsche911 GT3 ポルシェ911 GT3 イグニッション キー 鍵

But now it looks like this ↓ The direction of the car changes depending on the time, but it feels like the position is under the key and it is parked right next to it.

I feel that this fits better. That's why this is information that is useless to anyone (laughs).

Porsche911 GT3 ポルシェ911 GT3 イグニッション キー 鍵

↓ Even when parking in this direction (the car is parked in this direction).

Porsche911 GT3 ポルシェ911 GT3 イグニッション キー 鍵

BMW with black emblem

Now, to change the story, I have met various cars again in the last few days since Christmas.

First of all, BMW X5 and i3 were lined up. What a cute two shot. And here is the black X5, the BMW emblem is black.

BMW X5 i3

It's cool ↓! I thought it was a "black edition" or something like that, but the emblem didn't seem to be black even though it looked like a black edition, so I wonder if I'm changing this myself.

BMW X5 黒エンブレム エンブレムが黒い BMWマーク

The back emblem is also black.

BMW X5 i3

What's more, let's stick to the black emblem up to the center part of the foil. I'm used to the usual blue BMW mark, so when the emblem is black, I feel like "Hmm ??" and "Something different!"

I always think that a car really doesn't make a big difference in a little thing.

BMW Black Emblem 黒エンブレム ホイル

Also, when I was out on the BMW 650i, I was next to M2, who had a beautiful color ...

BMW 650i msport M2

Reunited with Volkswagen Beetle DUNE

At this time, in the same parking lotVolkswagen Beetle "The Beetle Dune" I met beforeI will meet again!

It's the same parking lot as when I met before, but it's amazing to be together again at the same time on the same day. * Since it is a parking lot of a store, I don't think it is parked every day on a monthly basis.

Volkswagen VW Beetle DUNE フォルクスワーゲン ビートル デューン

When the range of activities and the shops I go to are similar, there are cars that I meet again and again, so I didn't know the owner, but when I saw the car, I said, "Oh! It's been a long time. I met you again." That's happening quite a bit.

Even though Tokyo itself is large, I often meet people with similar range of activities. And I am happy to see you again ^^ My eyes are cute!

Volkswagen VW Beetle DUNE フォルクスワーゲン ビートル デューン

I also met some Lambo-san ...

Lamborghini Aventador ランボルギーニ アヴェンタドール

Audi R8 runs in front of me ...

Audi アウディ R8

Hmm? this is.

Dodge Challenger ダッジ チャレンジャー アメ車

Oh. Is Dodge a Challenger? American cars stand out.

Dodge Challenger ダッジ チャレンジャー アメ車

I also met a lot of Porsche and others. Here, when the child tells me "Porsche is stopped!" And runs.

Porsche Cayman ポルシェ ケイマン

It was Cayman ~. It was a short time when I ran today, but I passed by Mr. Cayman of silver and white. Cayman weather ^ ^.

Porsche Cayman ポルシェ ケイマン

After that, if the car is parked, Panamera S is next to it, and Aston Martin is next to Vanquish S.

Porsche911 Carrera PanameraS Aston Martin VanquishS ポルシェ911 カレラ パナメーラS アストンマーティン ヴァンキッシュS

Just a commemorative photo.

Porsche911 Carrera PanameraS Aston Martin VanquishS ポルシェ911 カレラ パナメーラS アストンマーティン ヴァンキッシュS

At another time, when I parked the car and came back, there was a white 911 next door.

Porsche911 Carrera ポルシェ911 カレラ 991後期 991.2 997 カブリオレ

Very high rate of 911 coming next to you and stoppingThat's why I'm very happy every time ^^ There is a feeling of friendship, when you line up like this!

Porsche911 Carrera ポルシェ911 カレラ 991後期 991.2 997 カブリオレ

Click here for the last one. It was Porsche with a very rare color.

Porsche911 Carrera ポルシェ911 空冷

I'm always happy to meet so many wonderful cars ^^ Well, there are only a few days left in 2018. I'm looking forward to seeing how wonderful cars we can meet again within the year.

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