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Volkswagen's 300 limited edition "The Beetle Dune" + α

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When I went to a certain shop. There was Mr. Beetle in Volkswagen that caught my eye. Hmm. this is? Maybe.

Oh oh. Isn't this the limited edition of 300 "The Beetle Dune"? !! The gold (yellow?) Foil stands out. The wings behind it are also cute.

Beetle Dune. I met for the first time. It was cute!

And this is one car I met while driving. Something was stuck next to the Toyota mark, so I was curious. I wonder what? ??

When I approached it. a. The tires are stuck together (laughs). Is it the feeling that it was attached to the place (?) Where the rear wiper was removed? The mini tires were stuck together and it was cute (laughs). There is also such a thing.

In addition, this car. When I lined up next to each other, there was something golden on the tires, so I thought, "Hmm? Is there something on that?"

It's a little hard to see, but there was a gold dice (laughs). Really, there are various goods in every detail.

In this way, I sometimes see cars that are decorated a little bit, some people put various stickers (stickers) on them, and when I think about it, nothing is enough to erase everything from the emblem! Some people say that, and it's fun to see everyone's commitment to each car and their tastes.


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