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Happy Birthday ♥️ (5th): 5 years in no time

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911 Supercars: 5th Anniversary of Porsche Blog

very. It's February 6th again this year.

this day is minePorsche 911 Cabriolet (992.1) has been deliveredExactly two years old.

Even more importantly, this February 6th is the day I opened this blog (I set up the server and started it myself), and it's been a long time since I started on February 6th, 2018. Another 5 years.

A lot has happened in these 5 years... To tell the truth, there aren't any big milestones in my life.

Still, in the last five years, I have met countless people through this blog, and there is no doubt that I have been blessed with many wonderful connections and have been able to live a very happy Porsche life every day.

Those who visit my blog, those who comment, those who send me DMs, those who send me emails, those who connect with me on SNS, those who actually meet me, those who I know in real life, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the many people who have helped me with Porsche Japan, the Porsche Center, and other car-related fields.

Thank you ^^

It's been a year since I met Porsche's bear

I thought about what to write about this anniversary, so I looked back at the article from February 6th last year, and what was written there was my "he".

Oh, has it already been a year since I met him? ! already! !

that's him

certainly togetherI'm taking it to the Porsche 911 Rally 2022, It's already been a year since I bought this bear.

Or rather, it was Porsche NOW Tokyo that I purchased,It's already been a year since Porsche NOW Tokyo disappearedIs it Tatsu?

A lot of things happen all too quickly. If you live leisurely, your life will be over in no time. I have to enjoy more things ^^!

Well, this time I would like to write about this bear-chan now. I'm sorry that it's a good story as usual (laughs).

porsche bear hat

This Porsche bear is wearing a black hat with the word PORSCHE written on it.

Every time my son, who is in elementary school, rides in a Porsche and meets a bear, he always makes me take off his hat without saying yes or no.

Until now, I thought it was just a whim and didn't pay much attention to it, so when my child got out of the car, I put the hat back on. I take off my hat every time, so please put it on because it says PORSCHE."

Then there was a reason why he took off his hat.

According to him, "Because the bear looks painful and pitiful."

When I asked him why, he showed me the back of his hat and said, ``Look, there's something in the middle of this part that's stiff.

It's true.

There was something sticking out in the middle that looked hard like this ↓

In fact, when I took it off after putting the hat on, I could see a very clear mark on my head.↓

In particular, the point that was pushed by the protrusion in the center was dented with a feeling of "baldness". It's true that the top of the cute bear's head will go bald with this! ! !

Ah, sorry for the sensitive topic (?) (laughs).

That's why my son used to take the hat from Kuma-chan every time.

I see, there was a reason. And I'm a little touched by the thought that's so kind ^^

After I understood the reason for this, even though I sometimes wear a hat when taking pictures, I usually take it off.

…Well, I wanted to end with a relatively good story about “a gentle boy who thinks of a bear”, but in fact, when my son gets out of the car, he puts the bear in the back seat. Kuma always looks like this after he gets out of the car ↓

So, is there really love and kindness there (laughs)? !

From now on, I would like to continue to write blogs that fully open my love for Porsche, including these things that I don't care about in my daily life.

Five years will go by in the blink of an eye, and the days ahead will surely come in the blink of an eye. Thank you for your continued support ^^

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