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Information about Taycan Instagram

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Recently, more than beforeInstagramI have come to look closely at.

However, even if you don't think about anything, you may think that it is "beautiful" when you see pictures of beautiful scenery and flowers, or you may think that it is "cool" when you look at pictures of cool cars and reels. Seeing cute animals and being healed as "too cute".

In other words, is it a leisure person? So be.

That's why it's not such a story, and even though I've been watching Instagram a lot lately, it's kind of Porsche-related that I see the most.

I think I wrote before that I have been following various Porsche Center accounts.

Reference article: Porsche Center Ginza Koishikawa's Instagram is interesting ...

Porsche Pro Instagram

At that time, when I was looking at various things with the connection from such a Porsche account, I discovered one account.

That is nowPorsche Now TokyoFor those who work atzonostagram911] Account.

What to hide This person is knowledgeable about Porsche "Porsche Pro』One of the people.

Looking at the account, there is still a lot of information specializing in Taycan, but among them, such ↓ "Taycan's standard equipment list" or something like that (for me) I did not dare to look it up. It's good, but he gives me something like "I just wanted to know that".

Furthermore, there is some useful information for those who already own Taycan.

It was very easy to understand and provided various Taycan information, and I was impressed by one person.

Since it was a big deal, I thought that I would like many people to know about it, so I sent a message to zonostagram911 here and got permission to post on the blog ^ ^

If you are a Taycan owner or if you are interested in Taycan and are doing Instagram, I think it is worth watching! !!

Maniac Taycan information

However, there may be other people who have written Taycan specs.

But, the reason why I was so impressed with this Instagram is that it also contains quite enthusiastic information.

It was a maniac tickle (laughs), but I was impressed by one person at night, saying, "Oh, that's good, it's nice to have this kind of information!"

Because, this ↓ or the distance from each door sill of the driver's seat and the back seat of Taycan to the floor is measured, isn't it? !! No one would do that (praise)! !!

In fact, although the Taycan battery is installed at the bottom of the car, it is in the position of the foot when sitting on the rear seatIt is designed so that you can relax without arranging the battery.That's why.

But it's usually hard to actually measure the depth to that floor!

I already love this kind of thing ^^

Aero blade mounted on Taycan wheelAs for, he showed me only the blade part, which is an exciting project (is it?).

I'm looking forward to secretly expecting you to continue to provide information such as "Oh, that's the place!"← Although I was in the position of asking "Let me introduce you!", I am raising the hurdles for future content without permission (laughs).

I would like many people who are interested in Taycan to see it.

Mr. zonostagram911, I'm sorry to be impressed and introduce you. I'm looking forward to it ^^

Click here for zonostagram911's Instagram: zonostagram911

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