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Autobot Mirage of Porsche 964 appears in "Transformers / Beast Awakening" released in the summer of 2023

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Porsche 964 becomes a Transformer

A preview video of "Transformers / Beast Awakening", which is scheduled to be released in Japan in the summer of 2023, has been released.

The Transformers series has a total of 6 works, and its cumulative worldwide box office revenue is 4,847 million dollars (announced as about 533.1 billion yen at the time when the dollar is converted to 110 yen).

This work will be the 7th work.

The appearance of Optimus Primus in the form of a gorilla (separate from Optimus Prime), and the familiar Camaro Bumblebee (Safari version), etc.

Volkswagen seems to be coming out too.

And "Mirage" appears from this work. This Mirage, yes, Porsche! !

(*By the way, there is also an old animation called "JAZZ", a Porsche 935 transformer)

A preview video has been made with the feeling that the silver Porsche 964 is the leading role this time.

As shown in the trailer (preview video), this Porsche seems to have the ability to create its own hologram, so it feels exactly like the name "Mirage".

Mirage is a word that often refers to a mirage and also means an illusion.

It's a bit off topic, but when I used to go there a lot, the hotel "Mirage" was one of the coolest hotels in Las Vegas.


By the way, part of this movie seems to be set in Brooklyn, NY instead of Las Vegas.

You can see it in the trailer, but this is when Porsche transforms. Somehow it feels good to see it (laughs). ↓

It may be strange, but I wondered if my 911 could be transformed into an Autobot like this.

Then we can talk (I don't want to fight though ^^)

Film director Steven Caple Jr. recently leaked a little bit of the "voice" of this Mirage.

Mirage is voiced by Pete Davidson.

Takara Tomy's site seems to be planning to announce this Transformers/Beast Awakening toy soon, so it's inevitable that this Porsche 964 (Mirage) will come out.

I also dream of the day when I can talk with 911 someday, I wonder if I'll buy a Mirage toy ^ ^

Here is the trailer (2:15)↓

(Official) Transformers/Beast Awakening Site
(Official) Takara Tomy Site
New Transformers Trailer Gives Us an Even Better Glimpse of the Porsche 911 Autobot

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