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You can now fly the same missions as Top Gun Maverick in Flight Simulator

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British flight simulator "Vantage Simulations"

Although there are many people who dream of flying fighter planes and airplanes, in the real world, it is quite easy to do.

Therefore, among those who cannot actually fly but want to experience the joy of flying, I think there are also those who enjoy the experience of flying by using a flight simulator on a computer. .

Furthermore, among those who fly in such simulators, I think that there are many people who are addicted to the world-famous Top Gun Maverick. It seems that

By the way, I also went to see Maverick after reviewing the past Top Gun, and I also had my children review the past works as well.

After watching Maverick, my eldest daughter's impression was, "Is it a Porsche after all, even though it's a different woman?" Hmm, what an honest impression (laughs).

Oh, it seems that the story is going off again, so I will return it ^ ^

This time, it is a British flight simulator companyVantage Simulations Offers Flight Simulation Sim Package Inside Top Gun MaverickThat was the news.

It seems that you can experience two missions that appeared in the movie for 60 minutes.

F-35B Lightning II Fighter Jet

Microsoft Flight Simulator also has a Maverick program, but this time it's even more authentic.

Vantage Simulations prepared a replica of the cockpit of the F-35B Lightning II Fighter Jet.

It comes complete with a HOTAS (Hands On Throttle and Stick) flight controller, a 22-inch touchscreen panel, and SVTOL (Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing) controllers for landing gear.

A screen with three 1080p HD projectors curved in front of you.

Mission 1: Maverick Sidewinder

The first mission is called Maverick Sidewinder, and just like in the movie, the training sessions required for the last mission to maximize your chances of success.

The place to fly in the simulator, of course, uses the same place as the movie, taking off from the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS), then flying to the Sidewinder Valley of Lake Isabella, and then practicing low-flying.

Mission 2: Maverick Dagger One

The second mission, Maverick Dagger One, takes off from an aircraft carrier, infiltrates enemy territory, attacks a uranium factory, and dogfights before returning to the aircraft carrier.

The first practice mission has two chances (double takes), but the second mission is only a one-shot game.

This Top Gun Maverick flight simulation is suitable for ages 10 and up and costs £99. I think it's a pretty good price.

Unfortunately, this simulator is not a movable platform, so there is no movement of the machine. But instead, it incorporates state-of-the-art transducers that are said to make you feel like you're in a real aircraft.

Those who are familiar with the simulator will know what I'm talking about (I don't know (laughs)), but what is used is Lockheed Martin's original software for F-35 flight mechanics, weapon system He uses VRS TackPac and Orbx for realistic scenery.

Since this is a story about England, it seems quite difficult to try this simulator in Japan, but if you are a flight simulator & Top Gun fan, it is a program that you would like to fly at least once ^ ^

Simulator reservation & details site
For a Small Amount of Cash, You Can Now Fly the Top Gun: Maverick Missions Yourself

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