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Lamborghini Day Japan 2022: Part 3 Extra Edition? tesla and pizza

Posted: November 15, 2022 Updated:

This blog is a serious (?) Lamborghini Day Japan 2022 article extra edition. If you don't mind, please go ahead ^ ^ → Lamborghini Day Japan 2022: Part 1 Opening ~ Parade Run

Tesla Delivery Center Ariake that I thought was Tesla Day

I had never been to the Ariake Garden (parking lot?) where Lamborghini Day 2022 started, so this was my first time visiting this place.

A lot of Lamborghinis were gathered in the space at the back of the parking lot, but in fact, in the parking lot area before reaching there, ``Was today Tesla Day? Did you get it?" There were a lot of Teslas that seemed to be.

I was also interested in this, so I went to visit Tesla before Lamborghini Day started ^ ^

According to the story I heard, this Ariake Garden contains "Tesla Delivery Center Ariake", and it seems that it is one of the places where Tesla's car delivery is done.

Certainly, when I was told, some of the cars had already been numbered, and each car had a piece of paper with a number written on it.

Owners who purchased a Tesla can pick up the car themselves here. It's kind of comfortable like Times Rent-A-Car (car share?)! ! amazing.

*It seems that the cars whose actual delivery date has been decided will be moved to a parking lot near the delivery center, so I wonder if the cars here are waiting to be moved.

Heat up a pizza in a Lamborghini

And one more thing about dinner that day.

On the day I participated in Lamborghini Day, I knew in advance that I would be home late, so I was thinking about what to do for dinner that day.

Then, by chance, the children said, "I want to eat pizza today!" I decided to go.

After participating in the Lamborghini Day, I left the venue and immediately ordered pizza from my smartphone in the passenger seat of the Huracán EVO, which my husband is driving.

What a luxurious pizza ordering environment that I was ordering pizza at hand while watching Centenario running next door ^ ^

Already drunk in the passenger seat, I was satisfied with the pizza takeout for some unknown reason, saying, "Yeah, it's an Italian car, so pizza looks good on you~" (laughs).

Pizza delivery with Huracán EVO.

when i get home

“Pizza, isn’t it a little cold?

I put the pizza in the place where the heat is rising around the top of the engine of the Huracán that just stopped the engine.

Extreme drunkenness (laughs).

I didn't do anything silly, and it was quicker to take it home, so I took it home early.

It wasn't even an extra edition of Lamborghini Day.

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