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"Scent of heat" list

Rear tire replacement for Porsche 911

Replacing Porsche 911 991 Late Tires Last month, I replaced my Porsche 911 Carrera 991 Late Tires for the first time. Related article: Porsche 911 front tire replacement At that time, he changed the tires ...

The heat scent of Porsche 911 ... What is the recommended place to enjoy the heat scent of GT3?

Wow. From the title, it is full of feelings of Porsche metamorphosis talk of Hisabisa (laugh). Previously, "Love for Porsche 911 is a little metamorphosis ... (laughs)? So, after finishing running with Porsche 911, let's start from the engine ...

Looking into the ground from the Porsche 911 engine hood (rear slit)

Feel the "heat" of Porsche 911. This time, it will be a completely Porsche metamorphosis talk (laugh). I once wrote that my love for Porsche 911 is transforming, but really ...

The love for Porsche 911 is a little metamorphosis ... (laughs)?

The other day, when I was in a shiny state just after having the car washed, I was hit by a sudden rain and the 911 that had just washed the car got soaked at once. ..


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