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Porsche 356 featured in Lema & Selena Gomez's Calm Dowm music video

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Porsche 356 in the music video

A song called "Calm Down" by Rema from Nigeria and Selena Gomez from America.

It's a hit all over the world, and I think it's still being listened to by many people (released in August 2022).

When you look at the music video (PV), there is... oh.

What a cute Porsche! !

I think it's a Porsche 356, but Mr. Rema is sitting on the hood...

No, Serena is sitting too!

And when I think about it, I'm already standing in the car! !

... and, as a Porsche lover, I was a little nervous when I saw it (laughs), but I'm very happy that Porsche has appeared in the PV of this hit song.

Porsche 356, cute ~.

If possible, I could have watched with more peace of mind if I only sat on the seat ^ ^

Here is the official video

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