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Make LEGO in a Porsche GT3 cup car running at 200 km / h

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LEGO Technic Extreme Build Challenge

No, there are videos of various cars in the world, and I can't show you everything I saw (Porsche spy shots, spy videos, etc. are also uploaded on Twitter), This time, this video ... It was too silly, so I will introduce it ^^

This is a video by Shmee150, Porsche, and LEGO, a global influencer about cars.

The content of these 2 companies + 1 person's video is ...

Is it possible to assemble a LEGO Porsche 911 RSR (LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR) in a real Porsche 911 GT3 cup car traveling at 200 km / h?

... what is that (laughs).

What is LEGO Technic

First of all, what is this Lego technique? Speaking of

"A series of LEGO products for assembling machines consisting of mechanical parts such as motors, gears, axles, and tires ("Wikipedia) ”

Unlike the normal Lego series, it is a series that emphasizes reproducing the mechanism similar to the real thing, and this time it seems that Porsche 911 RSR was selected from this series.

The Lego that looks just like the actual car in front of the actual car is so cute ^^

This challenge? Was held at the Porsche Leipzig Circuit in Germany. It's too serious.

Guido Majewski, the actual driver, laughs suspiciously at Shmee150, who says, "I'm a little worried ...".

By the way, is it possible to make Lego in a car running on a circuit with a real Porsche? I will try.


Shmee seems uneasy ^^

It seems impossible to make everything from the beginning, so it seems that you just play with a little part (that's right ^ ^), but

"Let's attach this door first"

I tried to attach a door to the LEGO Porsche 911 RSR, but that alone was a difficult task.

The speed will increase steadily.

Just doing the work of "attaching the door to the Lego car" does not seem to be attached at all, and at the end of the story

"Oh, the tires have flown!"

And Shmee150 who loses the tire. Cute ^^.

Did you stop the car on the way? Looking for the missing tires ...

"There was, there was" ↓.

Porsche will continue to run, and Shmee150 will also start assembling Lego.

But "This is really impossible!"

It seems like "I can't think of anything anymore".

In conclusion, "This was a completely impossible challenge!"

This is a big car on the circuit, but if you play with Lego, you will definitely get drunk.

Shmee150, who got out of the car, was already screaming "I can't stand!"

It was a weird challenge that didn't really mean anything (I'm sorry to say that (laughs)), and had no result, it was completely meaningless ^^

The expression of the last driver, "Shomona", is good (laughs).

… And at the very end.

Actually, it seems that I had lost another LEGO tire, so this video ends with "Oh, there are only three tires ...".

It really doesn't make sense at all, but I saw it because it was too silly ^^

Really, I'll write it many times, but this video of LEGO Technic x Porsche x Shmee150 is completely "unintelligible"!

What is it ~ ^^

So, click here for the video ↓

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