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Porsche record the highest number of vehicles delivered in 2018 "256,255"

Posted: January 10, 2019 Updated:

Porsche 2018 will deliver 4% more than the previous year

Porsche 992 information,Announcement of the 992 CabrioletOccasionally, the "Porsche delivery number in the world in 2018" was announced this time, so I will write it!

That's why the number of Porsche delivered worldwide in 2018 is the highest ever256,255 unitsIt seems that it recorded. From the previous year4%Growth.

Panamera38%Total number of units due to the increase in38,443 units.. Despite the announcement of the new 911 992, the 911 is also10%Of increase35,573 unitsWas delivered.

China is the number one market for delivery in 2018

And after all? !! The market with the largest number of Porsche deliveries in 2018 is "China"! Porsche delivery to China is year-on-year12%Total increase80,108 units.. It's about 30% of the number of cars in the world.

Next, the second market is the United States, and delivery to the United States is year-on-year.3%Increase57,202 units..

Struggling in Europe due to emission regulations

It seems that the number of deliveries in 2018 in Europe was slightly lower than in 2017.

This was a bit of a struggle in the fourth quarter of 2018 due to the new WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure) in Europe and the switch to gasoline particulate filters. Is the reason. And it is expected that this struggle will continue in the first half of 2019.

In addition to that, Porsche's complete withdrawal from diesel vehicles (diesel vehicle discontinuation in February 2018) was also an event that happened in 2018.

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Personally, the total number was "256,255", so if one more was added, that number would be "256,256", which seems to be something like a store in Akihabara a generation ago. It was nice to have a nice number (256MB era ...) (for example, Sony's Bio Note Z505 was full and 256MB, nostalgic), I thought it was a geek. ..

That sounds only to IT people born in the Showa era ^^ But I'm sure there are people who think "I understand!" (Laughs)! !!

Source (both content / image):Porsche with new peak in deliveries

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