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Car wash 911 Carrera for the first time in a long time

Posted: March 12, 2019 Updated:

Recently, in Tokyo, there was a forecast of "rain" every few days, so I wanted to wash it quickly and clean it, but Porsche 911 Carrera always said "I'm sorry ~". I was waiting for the car to be washed.

Well, while Carrera was waiting for the car to wash, I decided not to go out on a rainy day.I washed the GT3, My own desire to wash the car was satisfied, but ^^

Last night after the long "waiting for Carrera car wash", when I looked at the weather forecast, the rain forecast had disappeared for a few days, so I said, "Oh, is this exactly the time to wash the car?"

However, it was already night, so I had started drinking wine, so I said, "Hmm, but I wonder if I should do it again."

However! The other day, I was angry after a long time, no, I was sad, I had that feeling (what (laughs)), but that feeling has cleared up. Because of that, when my feelings cleared up, I was feeling better even though it was night.

"OK! I'll wash it now !!"

To the car wash ~.

After 10 pm, I suddenly think about washing the car, so it's an action that makes me worry about "Is it okay?" ^^, but it doesn't bother anyone, so let's do it.

Because I wanted to clean Carrera-san! !! If you think of it, do it immediately.

This time, after washing Mr. Kuro Carrera for the first time in a long time, it was clear that "maintenance of the coating is necessary". The way the water is repelled and the sensation of washing the body in a sloppy manner have clearly changed.

At the Porsche Center, hereI had 911 glass coatedIt was May last year. It's been almost a year, so I'd like to see you again.

It was quite a car wash after drinking, but it was fun even if I was drunk ... I wonder if it was even more fun because I was drunk (laughs). Drunk car wash, not drunk driving.

* Ah, I asked my husband, who had just returned home and hadn't drank, to move the car in the parking lot ~ ^^ He helped me wash the car as it was!

Foil is also shiny.

Before I washed it, I was wondering, "Ah? Isn't the foil scratched?" For a moment, but when I washed it, it became beautiful, so it seemed that it looked like a scratch due to dirt. it was good….

Well, Porsche 911 Carrera also became shiny for the first time in a long time, and today's Tokyo is the best weather that is said to have a maximum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. I think I can run comfortably.

Porsche, I love you ~ ^^!

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