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Porsche ZOOM background (background for video conference)

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When it became "Let's refrain from going out" and "Lockdown" worldwide, various companies provided various goods and services that can be played at home.

Porsche can also play at homePorsche coloring bookOrSite for childrenAnd so on, they offer some "home play".

Porsche Kids Site (Porsche coloring book for children, etc.)
Porsche Dreams Are Made At Home site (Porsche coloring book for adults, etc.)

Background for online meetings

And not only playing with coloring books, but alsoPorsche himself recommended telework and online meetingsIn some cases, he also provided a "background image" for those who hold such online meetings.

There are various online meetings, but I'm mostly using ZOOM. I still use it 5 days a week.

However, most of the children's school relations are Microsoft Teams, or even when using Google Meet (formerly Hangouts) at the request of the other party to meet.

At that time, I sometimes thought that I would like to change the background of ZOOM, but in the end, I didn't change it because it was "Well, no."

Looking at the background provided by Porsche, I wish I could do it with Porsche as the background, but in real life, except for people on the blog and Porsche related people, I am riding Porsche, Porsche is perverted I haven't talked about what I like, so I can't use the Porsche background strangely ...

Background image for Porsche lovers

Porsche first provided the background for online meetings in April 2020.

It's something like this ... ↓

It was like this ↓

It feels like a so-called "background used by people who like Porsche", and with these as the background, it feels like "Oh, I like Porsche, so I chose the background Porsche!". No, I can only think so ^^

But! This time, in May 2020, Porsche newly uploaded the background for online meetings, but this time the taste was different.

Yes, it's different.

Because, this is the background that was uploaded this month! !!

Background image that can be a Porsche owner

Oh yeah, that's exactly like "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the children in the house, so I'm sorry from the inside of the car today." This is Panamera Turbo Turismo.

Can't you see this background image really "inside the car"? ?? From the so-called "background of people who like Porsche" to "background of Porsche owners".

If you use this background, only those who understand it can understand it, like "Are you riding a Porsche?"

This is Cayenne ↓

And this is Taycan 4S ↓

Oh, Abunai, Abunai. If you use this, people who are familiar with Porsche will say, "Hmm? Taycan has not been delivered domestically yet? Is it a background image?"! (No, I'm not cheating, and that's the problem (laughs))

Besides, Porsche 911R, 911 SC, Carrera 4S, etc.

But the background is really interesting, but it's often used by everyone.

  • The background is the Golden Gate Bridge
  • The aurora is shining behind
  • space
  • Super mansion

I don't really think about anything that can be clearly understood, such as "It's not the background of your home in Japan, isn't it? It's an image, isn't it?"

However, if the background is subtly realistic, such as a so-called "ordinary but slightly beautiful room" or "a slightly model room-like, slightly high-class room", it is true just by looking at it for a moment. I don't know if it's the background or the background image.

Children are completely deceived (not cheated ^^) and say, "XX-chan's room is amazing!"

Yes, that's why!

Going back to Porsche's new background, this Porsche background for mobile is definitely a trick! (So it's not for cheating) ↓

When you actually use this, you will normally see yourself in front of you, so you can not even tell if the part that other people can see is really Porsche "Oh, from inside the car. "Status.

Porsche is also quite practical ... is it? No, I'm not sure, but I thought that he gave me a background of unusual taste.

By all means, if you want to experience the feeling of an online meeting from inside the Porsche car, why not use it ^ ^

Download from here (official site).

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