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Which is faster, Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe or Convertible (Type 992)

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992 Turbo drag racing with and without roof

I tried drag racing the "coupe (with roof)" and "cabriolet (without roof)" of the 992 type Porsche 911 Turbo, and there was a video that verified which was actually faster, so take a look. I did.

I would like to see the result for a moment, this is.

The power is the same, the vehicle weight is different by 60 kg

Both cars are 4-wheel drive with 8-speed PDK using a twin turbo 3.8L horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine.

The powers are the same in the catalog value, the maximum output is 427kW (580PS) and the maximum speed is 320km / h.

The only difference is that the 0-100km time is 0.1 seconds apart. I wonder if this is due to the difference in vehicle weight due to the difference in structure whether the roof can be opened or not.

By the way, the difference in weight between these two cars is 60 kg. The coupe is lighter.

Cabriolet aerodynamics and rear spoiler

Considering only this information, it is thought that "the coupe is a little faster", but if you think about aerodynamics here, you can not talk about it just by looking at the power numerically. Is there a further "difference"?

This figure introduced in the video, although this is a BMW 4 series, what you are saying is from the top in the figure

1: Cabriolet (roofed) + rear spoiler available
2: Cabriolet (roofed)
3: Cabriolet (open roof) + rear spoiler available
4: Cabriolet (opening the roof)

Anyway, it turns out that the aero turbulence is generated in the part where the roof is open, and it is shown that the energy of the turbulence is reduced by the presence of the rear spoiler. matter.

Well, the turbulence that occurs when the roof is open is still larger than the coupe type, so if the cabriolet is open the roof, the coupe will be much faster? You can also predict that.

No, but since it is a Porsche 911 that was made with aerodynamics in mind, I don't think this turbo has a rear spoiler in vain.

How much difference will it make? I'm looking forward to it.

Coupe VS Cabriolet (roof open)

The first match is a competition with the cabriolet roof open.

The result is as follows, the coupe was faster ... but the difference is 0.1 seconds! It's the same as 0-100km!

Coupe VS Cabriolet (Roof Closed)

The second race was with the cabriolet roof closed.

Result ... Wow. same! !!

Coupe (60kg weight added) VS Cabriolet (roof open)

The third race is to put a weight on the coupe to eliminate the difference in vehicle weight. First of all, the cabriolet is with the roof open.

Well, when the weights are the same, the result is that the cabriolet is faster, even if the roof is open. 0.1 second difference.

Coupe (60kg weight added) VS Cabriolet (roof closed)

The fourth race was with the weight on the coupe and the cabriolet roof closed.

Even if I opened the roof, I had already won, so this would definitely be faster than the coupe if I closed the roof ... As expected, the cabriolet was also 0.2 seconds faster.

Coupe VS Cabriolet (roof closed) + running lane change

In the final 5th race, the cabriolet closed the roof with the weight on the coupe and changed the left and right of the lane where the drag race was held.

Then, this time the condition of the car is the same as the previous 4 times, but the coupe was 0.2 seconds slower than before just because the lane changed, but this time the coupe is 0.3 seconds faster. To.

Of course, there are differences in the lanes in which the cars run, and even if the condition of the car is the same, the drivers are different, so there are subtle differences in how to start, and all the weights for the coupe are put on the front. And I think there are some factors that affect the result.

Therefore, this time as well, the result is "Why does that happen?", Which is faster or faster, but if you can see this, "there is no overwhelming difference." I wonder if that is the case.

No matter how many times you do it, there will be a few seconds difference, but no matter how many times you do it, it will be such a small difference.

Even if the roof of the 911 Turbo is opened or not, the aerodynamics are calculated firmly enough to be proud of the name as the 911 Turbo, and it has become possible to demonstrate the performance that is not inferior to the coupe properly. I wonder if there is.

After all Porsche is amazing, I felt like I saw the amazing Porsche again ^ ^

Here is the overall result table.

And here is the video (14:16) ↓

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