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Posted: June 22, 2022 Updated:

Porsche Center Takanawa Koishikawa: Porsche 1 night 2 days rental & Kuma-chan present

Now, the Porsche Center Takanawa Koishikawa, which I usually take care of, is running a campaign. Did you know

It's like a campaign to commemorate the achievement of 3,000 followers on Instagram, but the prizes are pretty good, aren't they? When.

Here is the guide ↓

Isn't it really good?

Not only can you lend Porsche for the A prize, but the lending period is 2 days and 1 night. What should I do. If I hit this, I would run to Aomori prefecture for the time being. I wonder if it's okay (probably not (laughs)).

However, there is no doubt that you can enjoy Porsche with plenty of time.

Furthermore, the B prize is a big bear that I love! !! !!

I want it! e?You already have itWhat? No, I want another one! !! I also apply! !!

Here is how to participate:

In the first place, it is useless if you do not have an account on Instagram, but if you have an Instagram account, you can post a picture of your car (your car does not have to be Porsche) and "# Porsche Center" Attach the hashtag of "Koishikawa".

In addition, it is OK if you specify in the post whether you want "Prize A" or "Prize B" (if you want the A prize, specify the model you want to ride).

By the way, it seems that the following three Porsche can be rented out with the A prize. Macan GTS, Cayenne S, Boxster.

Well, don't worry ~ (even though I didn't hit it (laughs)).

Should I go to Aomori prefecture by Boxster, or should I aim for Kuma-chan because I want another one? Oh, I didn't write that each person would post once, so I wonder if it's okay to apply for both A prize and B prize separately.

The deadline is June 26th (Sun), so I'm going to worry a little more and try something out ^^

Click here for Porsche Center Koishikawa Instagram

Porsche Japan (& each Porsche Center): Mobile 1 ... empty cans? !!

Recently, another campaign that I saw twice without thinking "Eh?" "What?" "Yeah?" Is "Mobile 1 empty can present project" from Porsche Japan here.

Those who purchase 3 or more Porsche goods called Porsche Lifestyle and a total of 15,000 yen or more at Porsche Centers nationwide (only for the target places) can get it on a first-come, first-served basis.

Well, I think everyone seemed the same, but yeah, "Eh, an empty can?" (Laughs).

But when you think about it, I think that few people buy this kind of thing (oil can of this size) by themselves, and if you have a garage house or a collector, you can get it. I thought it might be a nice thing.

By the way, the introduction of this can at a certain Porsche center said "There is a hole", so I wonder if this is a used empty can ^ ^

For Porsche, it may be a good campaign for each other that industrial waste will decrease & goods purchase will increase, and people who can get it will get something that is hard to get (probably).

Those who want it are on a first-come, first-served basis, so I'm not sure if there is one yet, but I think it's a good idea to check if the nearest Porsche Center is a target store for this campaign before purchasing Porsche goods.

Click here for Porsche Japan Twitter

PEC Tokyo: The first morning and the evening are great deals

It will end by the end of June, so there aren't many days left.Porsche Experience Center TokyoIt is a campaign in.

At the moment, it seems that there is a vacancy on June 25th (Sunday), 28th (Tuesday), 29th (Wednesday), 30th (Thursday), but we will have a driving session in the first morning and the evening. When you make a reservation ...

Comes with coffee and sweets.

Furthermore, the driving simulator experience will be included for 30 minutes.

If you go normally, you will only have a driving experience (90 minutes), but I'm a little happy if such a bonus comes with it ^ ^

Click here for Porsche Experience Center

PEC Tokyo: The second driving program for women is held

Another campaign at PEC Tokyo, this is an event, but "Driving program for womenWill be held on Saturday, July 16, 2022.

The first event for women has already been held.

I also wanted to go the first time, but justGenroku's interview dayI gave up because it overlapped with.

It is an event that only women can participate in, and the cost is the normal driving session fee (choose your favorite car model).

Besides, it feels like it comes with a lot of extras. Isn't it the best place to meet Porsche girls? ↓

One of the people who participated in the first session was an acquaintance, so I would like to join the person I met at PEC Tokyo at a later date ... and I participated in this program for women. Even though I did not do it, I was allowed to have an experience that made me feel like "Oh, did I also participate?" ^ ^

It seemed so much fun, so I wanted to participate when the second event was decided ... Well, in July, there are various plans for my three children, so I can decide from now on. I couldn't (tears).

I'd like to be able to participate, but it seems that the capacity will be filled while I'm worried.

If I can go, I would like to go, and if it is impossible, I would like to look forward to the third time.

Well, first of all, I wonder if I will apply for the Porsche Center Koishikawa campaign for the time being. I haven't done much on Instagram until now, but recently I'm a little addicted to making a short video called Lille on Instagram.

It's not something that is worth watching, but if you have time, I'd be happy if you could "make a sound" and watch it in your spare time ^^ → 911supercars Instagram

Speaking of Instagram, there is a Porsche Center account that I'm looking forward to secretly uploading. I'm a secret fan of those who appear there.

About this again ... ^^

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