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The body color that can be normally selected with Porsche was decided to be up to 17 colors

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Standard color decided from the beginning by Porsche model

When ordering a Porsche, first of all, I think that it is not an exaggeration to say that one of the factors that most influences the impression of the car is "body color".

At that momentPorsche configuratorThere are so-called standard colors that usually appear as exterior color choices above.

These body colors are Porsche models to order, and the color choices may change little by little depending on the model year, but basically as the exterior color of each model:

  • Standard color (free option)
  • Metallic color (option fee is a little high / +200,000 ~)
  • Special color (option fee is quite high / + 450,000 ~)

There are three types (custom color)PTS, PTS PlusIs not treated as a standard color, so it is excluded here).

Until now, I have only thought about these standard colors, such as "this color has entered the standard from this model (or the model year)" or "this color has disappeared."

However, in fact, I learned for the first time that this standard color is absolutely "the type of standard color must be 17 colors or less" as Porsche, "Yes, I have never thought about the number of colors. It became "!".

It may not be so surprising (laughs), but have you ever thought that the choice of exterior colors must be 17 or less?

Do you usually have to think about that? Is that so? No, you think!

Now let's actually look at the configurator to see if that information is true.

Really Porsche's standard color was 17 colors or less

First of all, here, after all Porsche is from the base model of 911 (* All are the case with the configurator as of April 2022).

Oh. surely.

Counting it, there are 16 body color choices.

Then what about GT3? Looking at it, this is 14 colors.

There seems to be a lot of Cayman ..., when I looked at the base model 718 Cayman, it was just 17 colors.

Furthermore, even if you check the Taycan that seems to be pushing various colors, this is also 17 colors.

It was "true" that Porsche has prepared up to 17 exterior colors as standard! !!

Hmm, this is also refreshing ^^

So why up to 17 colors? The reason is that the factory that produces Porsche has a reason, and due to the problem of the number of storage tanks for painting and paint supply line in the production factory, it is necessary to prepare more than 17 colors so far. It seems that it is not possible.

I see.

By the way, the thickness of the base coat when coloring Porsche is about 30 micrometers, which is considerably thin considering that it is about 100 micrometers when printed on ordinary copy paper.

Furthermore, the final process (layer), the clear coat, is also sprayed on the car at 30 to 50 micrometers.

In the future, when it is a new model or the model year changes, it seems that we will check the standard color and also check "Is it 17 colors or less?"

And if by any chance the standard colors are 17 or more, then ... it means that the production factory has also been upgraded.

It was me who realized that it didn't matter again and enjoyed it ^^

Source:Golden Hour: the creation of a Paint-to-Sample 911 GT3

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