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Base model appeared in Porsche Taycan

Posted: January 20, 2021 Updated:

Entry level model "Porsche Taycan" to be announced

There are three types of Porsche Taycan, which have been announced (& sold) so far, as Porsche's fully electric vehicles.

  • Taycan Turbo S
  • Taycan turbo
  • Taycan 4S

On January 20, 2021, the entry level model newly announced as one of the Taycan family was added, and there are four types of Taycan as follows.

  • Taycan Turbo S
  • Taycan turbo
  • Taycan 4S
  • Taycan

Hmm. As for the naming, is it just a "Taycan"? It feels strange.

However, what was announced this time is the so-called "Taycan" as a model name. Is it confusing to write like this ^ ^

Click here for the base model Taycan that was first announced and sold in China →Taycan to be announced in China

Base model Taycan, did you not want to release it at first?

And this is completely my guess, but I thought that Porsche originally did not intend to sell this base model Taycan.

The reason is….

After the announcement of the Taycan turbo models at the very beginning, the Taycan 4S was announced a little later, but at that time Porsche officially:

"The Taycan 4S is therefore the new entry-level model in the series"

I am saying.

In other words, "Taycan 4S is, so to speak, an entry level model in the Taycan series" ↓

No, no, that's what I'm saying this time too!

About this Taycan"The new entry-level model"It is said, but hmm, that's why I said the same thing with the Taycan 4S before.

Well, of course, it means that "the newest entry model at the moment has come out", so it's not wrong, but ^^

However, somehow, I did not know how much Porsche's first full electric car will be accepted by Porsche, so I decided to sell only the turbo model and the Taycan 4S as an entry model (base). After that, I looked at the sales situation and said, "Is there a need for something a little cheaper? Is this okay?" Is it? I wondered.

Because when I release a new generation model of 911, even if I announce the Carrera 4S before the base model, I do not dare to say "It is an entry level model Carrera 4S" at that time.

Is it because the Taycan was a new model that has not yet had a model lineup in the past?

Hmmm. No, when I wrote this, I thought, "No, in the end, all Taycan S and GTS will come out normally in the future, so I planned everything from the beginning."

I'm sorry, it's all my own imagination, and I'm confused.

Base model Taycan specs

While the other three types that have already been announced so far are four-wheel drive, the base model Taycan announced this time is rear-wheel drive.

Batteries are available in two sizes.

  • When using a standard performance battery: Up to 300 kW output, 408 horsepower (ps)
  • Performance Battery Plus, when using overboost mode with launch control: up to 350kW output, 476 horsepower (ps)
  • Nominal power is 240kW (326ps) and 280kW 380ps, respectively)

a. In this model, the charging port is not a type that opens automatically when you hold your hand over it, but it feels like you can open it manually like a so-called gasoline refueling port, right? ?? ↓

Since this base model Taycan is a model that was announced after the first Taycan (2020 model) was announced and the model year changed further, new functions from the 2021 model have also been added. And that.

For example, if you use the plug & charge function, you can charge and pay without an app or card (* I don't know if this is compatible with Japan at this time).

Optional features include a color head-up display and an onboard charger (up to 22kW).

In addition, users can immediately introduce various assist functions into their vehicles by using "Function on Demand (FoD)".

This FoD is not like actually bringing some parts to the Porsche center and installing it, but Porsche can turn on / off the assist function by remote (online) operation, so it is a function immediately. Those that can be used.

Furthermore, since it can be easily turned on and off online, it is possible to use it temporarily, such as "Let's add this function only this month".

Options available for purchase at FoD include Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM), Power Steering Plus, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Porsche No Drive and more.

That means that you will be able to compare the time when the power steering plus is "with" and the time when it is "without" with your own car ^^!

You can choose the base model TaycanTwo batteries

The battery as standard equipment on the base model Taycan is "single deck performance battery with a total capacity of 79.2kW".

And another battery that can be selected as an option is "2-deck performance battery with a total capacity of 93.4kW".

The cruising range of the WLTP is 431 km (single deck) and 484 km (2 deck), respectively.

In addition, I think that detailed details including domestic prices in Japan will be announced by Porsche Japan in the near future, so I would like to see what the Japanese specifications will be like (FoD and optional function contents) after that. Masu ^^

Base model Taycan domestic price

★ Addition (2021.1.28) ★
Pre-orders for the base model Taycan in Japan began on January 28, 2021. The vehicle body price in Japan is "11.71 million yen" including tax. Only right-hand drive.

Finally, this video was also released together, but I wondered if this was made at the time of the announcement of the original Taycan in China after all ^ ^

No, I'm kind of skeptical today (laughs).

(Official) Porsche extends the Taycan model range
(Official) Porsche extends electric sports car model range with the Taycan 4S

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