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First shareholders' meeting after Porsche's IPO: ICE Macan to continue a little longer

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Dividend per Porsche preferred stock is 1.01 euros

IPO in September 2022The first general meeting of shareholders since then was held on June 28, 2023.

More than 1,400 shareholders and shareholder representatives attended the general meeting held at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany.

All resolutions were unanimously approved at this meeting:

  • In the 2022 financial year, Porsche will distribute a dividend of 1.00 euros per ordinary share and 1.01 euros per preferred share (net income for the 2022 financial year of approximately 915.5 million euros)
  • Executive committee members and members of the Supervisory Board were dismissed in fiscal year 2022.

Gasoline engine Macan is likely to continue for a while.

In addition to this, future strategies and predictions were also announced by Porsche CEO Oliver Blume and others, but among the announcements, the one that had the media wondering, ``Huh?'' was the continuation of the ICE Macan. It was about.

That's because at the general meeting of shareholders, Mr. Oliver said, ``The EV Macan, which is scheduled to be released in 2024, will be sold in parallel with the ICE Macan.''

It is said about 23:30 in the video below ↓

Furthermore, after thatAutomotive News EuropeA new report has also revealed that the lifespan of the ICE Macan may be extended.

Originally, Porsche was planning to discontinue the ICE Macan in the United States in 2025 to 2026, but that seems to have disappeared for the time being.

In its place, the new plan that has come out is to ``determine the sales performance of EVs'', apparently because there have been many complaints from customers that there are not enough chargers installed in the United States yet. It is because there is.

In other words, ``evaluating EV sales performance'' does not mean ``sell EVs at all costs,'' but rather, ``We don't have enough chargers, so wouldn't it be no good if there were too many EVs?=Customers. Does this mean that people are starting to think that their level of dissatisfaction will increase?

The Macan is a top-selling product for Porsche, with sales of 86,724 units in 2022. It seems that we need to pay close attention to the future of the Macan.

It seems that a dealer meeting was held in the Canary Islands, and at that time Porsche also said, ``In response to backlash from customers regarding the lack of charging infrastructure, which is believed to have a negative impact on EV model sales, we will not be offering a gasoline version of the Macan ( "We will consider what to do about the future of ICE."

I thought that Porsche's "Taycan support" would continue, but if they are forced to review the EV Macan sales strategy due to customer dissatisfaction with the lack of charging infrastructure in the first place, perhaps the EV model sales strategy in Japan will change. I wonder if things will change a little.

However, it has been stated that if the 718 becomes an EV, the ICE will be abolished and the transition will be completely EV, and if even the best-selling Macan is made EV-only, customer dissatisfaction will explode, so the Macan ICE will be used as a countermeasure. I guess I'll just keep it going.

EV 7-seater SUV Porsche (K1) also has self-driving function

By the way, at the general meeting of shareholders, it was also announced that the electric 7-seater SUV codenamed K1, which will be positioned even higher than the Cayenne, will have an autonomous driving function.

The rest is completely unrelated, but there are rumors that the next GT2 RS will be partially electric.

So, there are rumors that it will produce more than 700 horsepower ^^

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