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Buy Puma x Porsche Suede RS 2.7 Limited Edition Black x Red

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Porsche 911 Carrera RS2.7 50th Anniversary Model Sneakers

It will be on sale overseas from June 9, 2022.I bought a collaboration sneaker of Porsche and PumaI wrote that a while ago.

Since it was a purchase on an overseas site, and because it was a limited item, there were quite a lot of orders, and because it was sold out instantly, it was difficult to receive an email after ordering, or I was frustrated that the order history did not come out, and I ordered properly. Even if it was made, I was thrilled because I didn't know when the product would arrive in Japan at this time.


It seems that I didn't have to worry about that, and the sneakers arrived at me without taking too much time, so I would like to report it ^^

Porsche sneakers arrive from the United States

The item arrived from the United States because I bought it from the Porsche online store in the United States.

A fairly large box.

Actually, I bought two pairs for some reason, so the box was also big. By the way, I bought another pair for resale! !!

… And, a little off the topic, but when I googled to reconfirm the correct name of this sneaker, the following were displayed on google.

Taka! !! (Regular sales are already sold out overseas, so all resale)

I wonder if I should resell it. What ~ (laughs).

No, I don't do that, and I don't think it really sells at this price ~ ^^ ↓

Return the story.

When I opened the big box, I saw cute boxes.

Wrapped in a lot of very big bubble wrap, there are boxes that are very cute and can never be thrown away.

Is it okay to have a good story again?

I had a lot of this big bubble wrap in the cardboard that I received, and I gave it because I wanted my child who found it.


It seems that this bubble wrap was secretly spread in the corridor after I went to bed, and I walked asleep in the morning and stepped on these in the dark without knowing it, and there was a terrible sound like "cracking !!!" I really thought it would be a bubble wrap.

What is it, a ninja mansion? !! Already (laughs)! !! !!

Well, so what was the content of this blog? Was it a story about being killed by bubble wrap that was wrapping Porsche sneakers?

Let's get back to the story (laughs).

Since it's a big deal, I took a picture with Porsche 911 from here ^ ^

This box is really cute.

The note on the side of the box was also in Japanese, so I thought it was expected to be sold in Japan in the future.

* Actually scheduled to be sold in Japan in the future / No official detailed announcement has been made yet.

Box, open ~.

I will open the wrapped paper too.

It came out!

Oh oh. It's not cute!

Porsche sneaker serial number

This time I bought the "black x red" version, but these sneakers are limited to 500 pairs each for this color type.

Therefore, the serial number was assigned to each set of sneakers, and the serial number of the sneakers I received was "014". It's 14/500.

With a somewhat cute Porsche RS2.7 tag. I thought it was the correct answer to take when I put it on, so I removed it when I put it on.

Free admission to the Porsche Museum in Germany during 2022

Is it the tongue part? There is also a picture of Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7. And here is the notation "Valid until the end of 2022".

Those who purchased this sneaker will get a free admission to the Porsche Museum in Germany until the end of 2022, but yes, this is a free admission ticket to the Porsche Museum in Germany That's why ^^

If you take a closer look at the insoles, you will see Carrera RS 2.7 when you put the left and right sides together!

It's so cute with Porsche in various details ^ ^

By the way, I bought it in the size of my own foot, but when I received it and saw the actual item, it looked a little rugged and I thought, "Is that too big?" It never happened.

The bottom is firm. But it doesn't hinder walking or driving.

Rather than that, the effect of being happy just by thinking "I'm wearing Porsche sneakers today" is greater for me (simple (laughs)).

The other day, when I was driving a Porsche with these sneakers, I suddenly noticed.

Unexpectedly, it was black x red with the same design (color) as one of the driving gloves I use! !!

It's okay to match somehow, and I'm very satisfied with Porsche again ^ ^

I am happy to be matched with Porsche fans around the world

Finally, here is the state when this sneaker was released at the Porsche Museum in Germany ↓

It was killed quite instantly on the online site, and it was sold out in a blink of an eye at the Porsche Museum.

These are people who purchased at the museum. Somehow it looks fun & happy! ↓

Furthermore, this person was already purchased to buy this black x red sneaker! !! I thought.

It's too beautiful! !! ↓

Somehow, just being able to enjoy these sneakers like Porsche fans all over the world is well worth the purchase for me, and I am very happy.

I am entertaining as a Porsche goods as an event. And speaking of events, I think that I will probably wear these sneakers when I participate in Porsche events etc. in the future ^ ^

I heard that it will be sold in Japan as well, but as an official announcement, when will the release date be, and in Japan, maybe white x black, which is a special Japanese color? I don't know if it's only for sale or if other colors will be on sale, but if you are interested, please come ^^

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