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Consultation @ JETSTROKE to put KICKER (woofer) in Porsche 911

Posted: April 2, 2018 Updated:

JETSTROKE @ Kamagaya City, Chiba PrefectureI went to talk to you!

The other day, when I was looking at Minkara, a blog of "JET STROKE", a comprehensive customization pro shop for cars and motorcycles @ Kamagaya City, Chiba Prefecture, was displayed.Free car audio audition every Saturday and Sunday!The title is.

Actually, our couple are not at all core feeling, but there is a light glue like "I want a bass that I can enjoy a little more with a woofer!", And the previous car also had a 12 inch Kicker.

However. The Porsche 911 doesn't have the space to stack the 12-inch Kicker that it has, and I thought I had to buy a new Kicker of a good size.

so! Once again, Zen hurriedly ran to Kamagaya City with her husband in the evening.

This is Porsche who was exhibited at JET STROKE. Unfortunately, the person in charge of audio was absent, but he showed me various things.

The inside of the car is also full of playfulness!

Of course, it is exhibited as a car audio demo, so the back seat looks like this. When I take a picture like this, it seems that the lower part is burning due to the condition of the light (laughs), which is powerful.

... So, I'm sorry, our couple aren't so enthusiastic (laughs), but anyway, when I bought my Porsche, the dealer said, "About 40A battery direct connection wiring, ON with accessories" as an optional work. I had the rear part put out the power line that can be made, the branch line from the rear speaker. I also own a high-low converter with an active equalizer.

Originally, I was planning to buy a Kicker from the United States and put in a woofer by myself (or my husband), so I talked about that and consulted.

I met some of the JETSTROKE clerk, and I thought that they were all very friendly and good people, and if they left the car, they would listen to their wishes and finish it beautifully. !!

However, since it was a little farther than I expected to go from my house, I only consulted this time, but if the store was close, I would definitely like to take care of it. I envy the neighbors!

Finally, the tire / foil part of the exhibition car. No, but by visiting JET STROKE this time, I felt more like "I want to get Kicker soon!". I will GET and install it as soon as possible!

Thank you very much, JETSTROKE. It was a great time!

Click here for JETSTROKE @ Kamagaya City, Chiba Prefecture


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