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I found a hidden comment in My Porsche! Somehow I cry... (tears)

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Ferry Porsche's words hidden in the source code

Ah, is it okay if I start crying in the morning?

It's been a long time since I've been seriously moved. Or rather, I was surprised, moved, and somehow excited.

Yesterday, at My Porsche, there was a movement in the production process of the 911 that I am currently ordering.I also wrote on this blogHowever, following that, of course, this morning was also a day starting with checking My Porsche.

However, until yesterday, I was watching it on my smartphone. My Porsche screen.

So, this morning I somehow changed my mood and accessed from my computer and logged in to My Porsche.

My Porsche displays the Porsche you currently own

When I look at it on a large computer screen, the list of Porsches I currently own displayed in My Porsche appears in a large size, and this alone makes me feel better.

From the order in which I purchased Porsche, it is black 911 → crayon 911 → red 718, but it is unknown why it is displayed in this order. Isn't the model itself in order of newest to oldest? ? ↓

For the time being, I'm very happy to see my favorite three cars displayed side by side like this. All three are cute and I love them so much that I can't get enough of them (parents).

Now, of course, this My Porsche also has access to Track Your Dream. You can track the 911 currently on order.

That's right.

If I write this again this time, people might think I'm a suspicious person, but I think that many people already recognize me as a perverted otaku, so it's okay (that's fine) (smile)?).

Well, what's a little different is that I quite like looking at the source code of web pages.

This morning, I suddenly saw the source code of My Porsche without any particular meaning, saying, "I accessed My Porsche on my computer."

why would you do that? I think that only otaku can understand it, so please don't think too much about it (laughs).

So, the moment I saw this source code, I almost flipped out.

If you can write html, you will understand this immediately. Hey, aren't you surprised? Here is the source code of the top page

Well, here's where I was surprised. Area circled in yellow


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