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Did you know that JEEP ducking is popular in Canada and the US?

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I didn't know this at all! !

It started to become popular in Canada, and now it seems that the trend is spreading to the United States.

Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about (laughs).

Many of you may have heard of a yellow duck doll that you can float in the bath.

The trend is to leave the rubber duck alone, or with a small message on it, in the jeep when you find it.


But it's a cute game, and it seems that it became popular after JEEP owners started it as "a fun thing to spread joy in difficult and difficult times" after the corona started.

You've been ducked!

"I've been ducked" to put a duck in my jeep by someone, or "You've been ducked" when you put a duck in someone's car )", and everyone seems to be genuinely happy, saying, "I've never been ducked before, so I was happy when I saw a duck in my car!"

You feel a little joy from the duck that someone left for you, and then you duck it as if you pass that happiness on to others.

A really cute game!

Some people may think that it is annoying to have a duck suddenly placed in their car, or that it is a countermeasure against corona infection, but when everyone was depressed due to Corona, I found a duck in my car. I thought this was a great trend if more people could laugh at it.

It's made of rubber, so it's a good point that it seems that there is almost no damage to the car.

If this ducking becomes popular in Porsche in Japan, it seems that I will be happy when I am ducked ^ ^

Giant duck appears at Detroit auto show

Jeep has decided to exhibit the world's largest duck at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in response to the popularity of duck play among Jeep owners.

It's not a car, it's decided to exhibit a duck (laughs).

The duck is a staggering size, with a height of 18.5 meters and a width of 21 meters x 24 meters, which is equivalent to a six-story building.

Its weight is said to be 3,629 kg. heavy. But cute!

Those who visit the venue on the weekend of the auto show can also receive a rubber duck (of a reasonable size), and if it is a JEEP owner, they will receive something else. .

If you search "#duckduckJeep" on Twitter or Instagram, you will certainly see many JEEP + duck posts.

Even so, it is big ... ^^

Ducking Huge! Jeep Bringing The World's Largest Rubber Duck To Detroit Auto Show
Giant Jeep duck dominates the Detroit Auto Show

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