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Message from each automobile manufacturer to prevent coronavirus infection

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"Stay Home" "Keep your Distance"

The current problem of coronavirus is becoming more difficult not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world.

Under these circumstances, each car manufacturer is sending a message to the world, so I would like to take a look.

Originally, car makers should say "buy their own car", which is the natural and number one purpose of business, but nowadays, each company says "What a car?" You don't have to ride, so let's stay home anyway. "

"Now, for a while, I can't get in the car happily and casually (as entertainment)." It conveys the feelings of each manufacturer, aiming for "the day when you can ride".

Currently, I myself have stopped riding the Porsche 911, which I used to take for granted every day, unless I really need it, and I am not saddened by it.

You can always go to see your favorite Porsche as you like, and go out with Porsche no matter where you go or what you do! ... I was keenly aware of how happy and luxurious it was to be able to do what I was free to do.

I am reminded that "casual days" are really happy.

If I am an ordinary person, even if there are days when I can not ride Porsche, I just have to put up with it, but for the manufacturer who sells the car, it is such a simple story I don't think it is.

It's a business that has a lot of employees and is a business.

However, such manufacturers dare to take the lead and say, "I don't have to get in the car, so let's stay at home as much as possible."

It seems that each person who likes cars is now required to take the hard thoughts and do as much as possible.

* The purpose is only for entertainment, and it is a story when going out unnecessarily, and it does not mean that you are not denied to get in the car when necessary or in an emergency. I also need to, but that doesn't mean I don't use a car at all.

Then, I would like to see the messages issued by each company ^ ^

Volvo: Message from Volvo

"Now, the safe place is not in Volvo," he said.

The message is "Stay Home".

Audi: Message from Audi

It's a short video, but four rings that are the Audi logo.

"Let's keep a distance (with people)" by separating these four rings. Then, put the ring back and "Stay Together".

Mercedes: Message from Mercedes

I leave my car parked in front of my house and call for "Stay Home".

And I would like to thank those who are fighting in the current situation.

Jaguar: Message from Jaguar

I played the video "I'm going out on a jaguar!" In reverse and said, "No, I won't go out."

The message is "Keep it Parked" = leave the car parked.

Jeep: Message from Jeep

The message from Jeep is "Stay off the road" = don't run, and "Explore the great indoors" = enjoy indoors.

There is a video of books lined up that reminds me of reading in response to the message "Let's have fun indoors", but JEEP can be seen from these books and the light next to them.

This is so cute ^^

Volkswagen: Message from Volkswagen

VW emphasizes the word "We" and says, "Let's work together and do our best."

He called out, "In order for everyone to overcome this situation, it is important to keep a distance from each other," and finally, the distance between "V and W" in the VW logo is separated.

Porsche: Message from Porsche

And finally, here is a message from Porsche.

Porsche has released a collection of messages from Porsche ambassadors called "Porsche Brand Ambassadors" whose purpose is to spread the Porsche brand to the world.

Message from 7 Porsche Ambassadors

The following 7 people are appearing in the video as Porsche Ambassadors:

  • Maria Sharapova: Tennis player
  • Mark Webber: Former F1 driver
  • Angelique Kerber: Tennis player
  • Sami Khedira: Soccer player
  • Julia Görges: Tennis player
  • Aksel Lund Svindal: Alpine skier
  • Patrick Dempsey: Actor / Driver

In turn, they call out "Then, next xx!" And connect the conversation to each ambassador.

Use new technology to stay connected with family and friends (rather than go out and meet in person), and hopefully you can exercise while you're at home.

You should do crunches, planks, push-ups, whatever you enjoy! When.

As an aside, I have recently been unable to stand up due to myalgia caused by the Bulgarian squat (oh, too much digression ^^).

Going back to the story, yes, so instead of rushing to live in this situation now, it's better to spend some time slowly, and finally to everyone who is currently working for people in this situation. Words of gratitude are given.

Be Safe

Jeremy Clarkson, who is famous for car programs, said, "The car is the safest" and "If you are in the car, you will not get corona infection." It seems that some people have argued that the inside of the car is not safe, and that moving by car will spread and move such (attached) coronavirus.

By the way, when I write various things about corona like this, I feel like I'm at the bottom of my sadness and it's getting dark, saying "I have to refrain from myself" and "I can't ride Porsche". It may be, but in fact it is not ^ ^

Of course, I will take the current situation seriously and take great care not to bother others.

But that doesn't make it darker ~ ^^

I am enjoying having fun in the current situation. I told them about the existence of game consoles in my house, which I had kept secret from children, and played games with them (laughs). Let the kids cook and cook the rice (eh? Am I having fun?).

If I start drinking from an early time and do what I can do at home ... and start writing about my current life, I'm likely to see my life as a fallen man, so I'll stop it ^^

Everyone, just be safe and healthy!

I want to do what I can do now and enjoy what I can do now and stay positive.

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