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Porsche 911 GT3 chasing hit-and-run car

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the sound is angry

This is a story that happened overseas when a person driving a Porsche 911 GT3 was hit by a car that was changing lanes from the side.

The white Chevrolet that hit GT3 from next door accelerates and runs away the moment it hits.

The moment a GT3 owner realizes that his opponent is running away, he will downshift and accelerate all at once to chase after him...or rather, if he accelerates already, he will catch up to him in an instant ^^

The sound of the GT3 at that time was like the sound of the owner exploding with anger, and the GT3 was really angry.

I'm glad that the other car instantly understood this sound and the speed of the Porsche, and gave up, thinking it couldn't escape, and stopped immediately after that.

Here is the video (0:24)↓

As it turns out, the hit-and-run suspect didn't have insurance, which is even worse...

If something like this were to happen to me, I would definitely go after it with full throttle.

It wasn't a good event, but it was a video that showed GT3's angry acceleration ^^

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