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Chevrolet Camaro test drive

Posted: January 28, 2020 Updated:

The car I want is the Camaro ZL1 1LE

That is right. I already wrote it at the beginning, but at the Tokyo Auto Salon

  • Toyota GR Yaris
  • Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray

ThatLook at the two actual cars of "the next car candidate you want"As a result of various rethinking, the car I wanted to continue was ... "Chevrolet Camaro".

It is a model called ZL1 among Camaro.

I have a bad face (a compliment) and it's the best. I think Dodge is also cool, but for some reason Camaro is interested in this time.

However, although it seemed to be impossible to purchase this model called ZL1 1LE from an authorized dealer in Japan, I thought that it would be meaningless if I could not drive the Camaro itself in the first place, so first of all Anyway, I decided to test drive the "Camaro".

I went to Chevrolet Tokyo, a Chevrolet dealer in Shibaura, Yanase Global Motors Co., Ltd. (also serves as Cadillac Tokyo).

The weather was nice, so I will be dispatched with the Porsche 911 GT3 as a drive.

I parked it in the parking lot of Yanase, and after enjoying my car saying "It's too nice ...", I went to the dealer (laughs). Oh, it's really cool. * There was no Chevrolet sales person here, so I haven't seen my degree of metamorphosis ^^

Chevrolet Tokyo has a very clean interior with white as the base color. Before,I was allowed to test drive the CorvetteIs also here.

First of all, why did you come to see the Chevrolet Camaro this time, and also because I was interested in Corvette Stingray and saw it at the Tokyo Auto Salon, but I gave up because there was no MT car. I was allowed to do it.

Chevrolet Camaro LT RS test drive

After that, the salesman prepared the LTRS of Chevrolet Camaro, saying "Camaro that can be tested now".

After all, this neon color is eye-catching. Good ~, a really young American car! With that feeling.

And this look is really cool.

I don't know why it's supposed to ben't selling so much in my home country (in terms of sales, the Camaro seems to be in a tough situation where it's losing to other American cars).

When I was thinking of taking a test drive, the uncle who was just walking down the road said, "It's cool!"

It wasn't my car, and I was in a position to test drive it, but I almost said "Thank you ^^" (laughs).

No, really, this Camaro in this insanely conspicuous neon color was cool.

Buttocks ~.

Looking into the interior, it seems that you can drive normally. The sheet is thick and looks soft.

The only thing I was interested in was that the screen in the center was not straight but leaned forward. It may be hard to see in the picture, but ...

Why couldn't this be straightened? ?? This was the only thing I was interested in with the Camaro ^^

Also, when I got into the car, the windshield was surprisingly small, and the side windows were actually quite thin (small).

This may not be very clear from the photo, but when I got into the actual car, I thought, "Wow, the windows are unexpectedly narrow!"

But this is just a small idea and there is nothing wrong with it. However, it's hard to see only the field of view behind the right (laughs).

Camaro backseat

Whether or not there is a backseat is very important for my family with children.

The Camaro that I tested this time was a four-seater, but just in case, I also sat in the back seat.

But, like this, the seat belt gets in the way before I get in (laughs).

It's like Camaro is saying, "Why don't you ride behind me?"

Can you see this picture of the back seat? When the front seats were lowered comfortably to the back, people in the back seats had no space to put their feet ↓

Even so, if I manage to get into the back seat and put my feet in, the seat is actually soft like a sofa (= I'm sorry, it's a story compared to the Porsche 911 I know), so it's quite "sofa" It seemed like I was sitting on the sofa. "

The cushioning is high, and the seat is very soft. Oh, is it a suspension? Why?

Anyway, if I were ... I might get a little drunk (← If I like Katai). But I think this would normally be a comfortable ride.

Is the trunk seemingly narrow the moment you open it? I thought, but it's actually deep.

It seems that it can also be used for trunk through, so it should be manageable when carrying something big.

In the test drive, I drove around Shibaura, but I was able to ride normally without any resistance. The view from the driver's seat is no problem for me.

I also stepped on it on the way, but I felt that this car was a little unsatisfactory, but if I did the same thing with ZL1, it might be a little useless (laugh)?

After all, the spec of ZL1 is "6.2 liter V8 supercharger, 650 horsepower". That's horrible.

Actually, I don't need such a great spec, but for some reason I long for the ZL1 if it's a Camaro ... Yes, I long for it.

I wondered how many more cars I could enjoy before I died, and I wanted to ride in various cars (that's how much I'm feeling dead (laughs)).

Camaro's Nico-chan (smiley)

Also on the Camaro doorThere was Nico^^

Here ↓ Oh, I'm sorry I don't care again ^^

Camaro ZL1 can only be bought by parallel import

Chevrolet Camaro. Hmm.

From the point of view, size, etc., I could drive without any problems, and after all, my face was the worst (← compliment ^^), and now it's ZL1 specs, 6-speed left-hand drive MT. Then I thought I would buy it immediately.

But ... ZL1 cannot be purchased from an authorized dealer (tears). Too sad.

It seems that it will be caught in the regulation of sound. In that case, it will not be possible to sell at authorized dealers.

All that remains is to purchase by parallel import, but in the past, if I had any problems with the car, I would immediately rely on an authorized dealer, so what kind of mechanism is it about parallel import? I don't know at all & I don't know, so I can't touch it.

Looking at the black and evil Camaro ZL1 1LE I made with the configurator, I thought "I like it", but I was worried that I couldn't buy it from an authorized dealer, so I hesitated.

* It does not mean that parallel imports are anxious. I don't have enough knowledge about the car itself, so if I don't have an authorized dealer, I don't know what to do when something happens. I'm worried because of my lack of knowledge.


It's annoying. Camaro ZL1 6-speed left MT. I thought it was the car I wanted to meet at last ...

For me, Porsche has become "a certain existence", so I would like to believe that there will be no day when Porsche will disappear from me, but other than that, in fact, I can only buy Porsche anymore. It seems to come to the conclusion that it may be ^ ^

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