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"◇ September 10-11, 2022" list

"◇September 10-11, 2021 (2022)" list
This is a list of blogs related to the 3rd Porsche 911 rally event held between Tokyo and Yatsugatake/Karuizawa on October 26-27, 2022.

If you want to see what the 3rd edition of the Porsche 911 Rally was like, here you go. They are arranged in chronological order↓

★★ 3rd Porsche The Rally Amazing Moment 2021 (2022) Summary ★★

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3rd Porsche The Rally Amazing Moment 2021 (2022) Summary

2021 (2022) Porsche 911 Yatsugatake / Karuizawa Rally Table of Contents The 3rd Porsche The Rally Amazing Moment 2021 Feeling Hour Connection (September 10, 2022 (Saturday) ...

"2022 Porsche Rally": Part 5 2nd day lunch-goal

Leaving for Karuizawa The rally is finally coming to an end, and this is the final blog for this rally. After leaving Palcall Tsumagoi Resort, the next destination is Karuizawa. I can't think of any other word than this is the best...

"2022 Porsche Rally": Part 4 Porsche 911 Day, Rally Day 2 Start

September 11, 2022, Porsche 911 day, the start of the second day of the rally It's finally the second and final day of the Porsche rally. This day is September 11, 2022, recognized as "911 day" among people who love Porsche ...

"2022 Porsche Rally": Part 3 After lunch, the first day goal (Hakuba Tokyu Hotel) & dinner party

The Rally Special Radio Program (Sponsored by TAG Heuer) After leaving Kusafue, where we had lunch, we ran a little longer on the highway. It is prepared for the section at that time ...

"2022 Porsche Rally": Part 2 From the start of the rally to lunch on the first day

Porsche the rally day 1 start On Saturday, September 10, 2022, it will finally be the 1th day of the rally 2021 in Porsche. Start with breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Buffet in the morning...

"2022 Porsche The Rally": Part 1 Briefing and previous night event

Porsche The Rally Amazing Moment 2021 ~Feeling our connection~ This year, Porsche's rally event "The Rally -Amazin...


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