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"2022 Porsche Rally": Part 4 Porsche 911 Day, Rally Day 2 Start

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September 11, 2022, the start of the second day of the rally on Porsche 911 Day

Finally, the second and final day of the Porsche rally.

This day is September 11, 2022, the 911 day that will be recognized as "911 day" among people who love Porsche.

I usually wrote something about Porsche love on this 911 day on my blog, but this year I can't update my blog on this 911 day.

Instead, I was able to spend the best time with many 911s of various ages and models, and as a person who really loves Porsche 911, I was able to spend the best day ^ ^

After all, this is the scene you can see first thing in the morning after waking up↓? ? ? It must be a miracle, already.

On the morning of the second day of the rally, we will have breakfast at the buffet provided by the hotel.

The place was used as a lounge last night, and even at breakfast it was still a TAG Heuer lounge.

Since yesterday, I've been traveling by Porsche, and I'm just eating and drinking, so I'm already overeating (laughs).

At the start of the rally on the second day, there was a commemorative photo with all the Porsches, the entrants, and the staff.

At the entrance of the hotel, you can also see the Panameras that were participating as support cars for this rally.

Since a commemorative photo will be taken, the Porsches are neatly arranged by the staff.

The old and new 911, the oldest 911 and the newest 911 among the vehicles participating in this rally, are displayed in the front row in the commemorative photo of this rally.

It's nice ~.

The number of staff will be amazing! All the people in crimson color (red bean color) polo shirts are the management staff.

A drone was also flown during the commemorative photo shoot.

On the day of 911, so many 911s gathered together, and all these 911s will run together from now on, so I think there is no Porsche event to celebrate such a wonderful Porsche 911 day.

I can only thank you for letting me participate in this place.

I'm really happy that my Porsche 911 is participating in this place with everyone's 911.

I'm so happy

It was a day that I was really glad to meet Porsche, and I was glad that Porsche was in my daily life.

After taking a commemorative photo, the rally started on the second day.

We will leave while seeing the staff off again.

The weather is perfect, and it's a Porsche-filled day that I don't know what else to ask for. Highest!

I also liked looking at the Porsche following behind.

It makes me sad when 911 disappears in front or behind. And the repetition of being happy to find it again.

A little introduction here.

This is the water of the Porsche the rally specifications that I received at the time of the rally departure. It's cute, isn't it?

They put it in a cold bag with ice packs to keep it cool.

And this is the booklet distributed at this rally.

This booklet contains notes and diagrams. In addition, there is a list of entrants, so it is a commemorative book.

The frame diagram looks like this.

It doesn't make sense if you're dazed, but it's pretty fun if you follow them one by one ^^

The more I looked at it, the more I wondered how hard it must have been to make it, as I looked at each of the images used as indicators.

Thank you very much to all the staff. Thank you. ↓

This is the Porsche flag that is distributed to entrants and people who support us along the road.

If you have this, you can wave the flag to people who wave their hands from the roadside, so it's fun ^ ^

By the way, my family has participated in all the past rallies and reunion events, and we have so many of these flags that we wonder, "How many do you have?"

Checkpoint 5: Obuse Municipal Matsumura Parking Lot

In the meantime, we arrived at the Obuse Municipal Matsumura parking lot, the first stamp point on the second day.

This Obuse town is a place known as "the town of chestnuts, Hokusai and flowers" in Kitashinano.

A guide map showing shops where chestnut-related products can be purchased was handed out along with chestnut dorayaki, and time was taken for each to explore the townscape.

When I arrived at this place, I went to the restroom first...

When I was standing in line for the restroom, the time was exactly 9:11. I was happy to show my smartphone screen.

I'm sorry to everyone who got caught up in the toilet because I was perverted and excited (laughs).

I also took screenshots, but I'm sorry that the standby screen is a Lamborghini (laughs). Porsche love, where did you go!

In this parking lot, I was able to see the cars that were operated, but the bib that was pasted on each was Porsche Center Meguro ...

There was a detailed commitment to my favorite Porsche Center Koishikawa ^ ^

From the parking lot, it is a great deal of trouble to go to the sightseeing spot of Obuse town.

Even while I was walking and moving there, I was able to pass by the Porsche 911s that were still arriving one after another, so I was happy each time.

In Obuse, you have to eat chestnuts! So, I got a chestnut ice cream with Mont Blanc on it.

It was delicious ~. I love Montblanc.

At this place, it was a few minutes walk to this tourist spot, so I had to walk from the parking lot where I parked the Porsches to the tourist spot...

On the way home, even a service that will give you a pick-up car!

The weather was good and it was quite hot, so it was really helpful to have a car pick me up at the parking lot on the way back from sightseeing.

At this time, there was time to explore sightseeing spots, and the air cooling group was also gathered, so I was able to see the air cooling.

Although it is different from running on the latest 992, it is amazing that air-cooled Porsches are running exactly the same route in the same way.

As expected of Porsche, and indeed Porsche air-cooled owners who are properly maintained.

We are off to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6: Palcall Tsumagoi Resort

The next checkpoint is Palcall Tsumagoi Resort.

Tsumagoi is a place that I used to come to a lot until a while ago, and it's a very familiar place, so it was a great experience to be able to run around there with a lot of Porsche 911s.

Is the figure of Porsche 911 that comes one after another really something? An extraordinary feeling that seems to be.

Mr. Targa from the Heritage Edition, who I personally think is super cool. Cool. It's really too nice from the color.

Here too, he took a commemorative photo of the Porsche he was riding.

After leaving Palcall Tsumagoi Resort, we headed to lunch on the second day.

continued ^^

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