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Ferrari F8 Tributo traveling at 341 km / h

2022/06/07   -Ferrari: Ferrari

Video taken on the Autobahn in Germany Ferrari's proud mid-rear engine F8 Tributo. This car is a 3.9 liter, V8-90 ° engine with a maximum torque of 770Nm and a maximum output of 720cv @ 7, ...

Ferrari 296 GTB test drive

120 ° V6 engine + plug-in hybrid (PHEV) motor Cornes Shiba tried out the Ferrari 296 GTB ^^ This car is the Asset Fiorano package (...

Cornes Day 2022 Exhibit Vehicle

CORNES Day 2022 at Fuji Speedway At Cornes Day 2022, which I participated in the other day, many vehicles were exhibited in the paddock area. Exhibition from various latest models to rare models First ...


Cornes Day 2022 held at Fuji Speedway On Sunday, May 8, 2022, I wrote the other day that I participated in the BMW Familie 2022 held at Fuji Speedway. ..

Goodbye to Ferrari Roma model car delivery.

Ferrari's model car has arrived At Ferrari, when you buy a new car, you will receive a model car with the same specifications as the car you ordered. This is already "a mini with the same specifications as my car ...

Ferrari adds Rosso F1-75 Opaco (matt red), the paint color of F1 cars, as a body color option

2022/03/26   -Ferrari: Ferrari

Satin red color that has already been reflected in the Ferrari configurator Ferrari has added a new "red color" to the body color. This red color is said to have been used in Ferrari's F1 machine in 2022 F1-7 ...

Commemorative photo at Ferrari Roma and Lamborghini Huracán EVO

Driving the Huracán EVO for the first time in a while, but it was a little while ago, but this day the weather was nice. Lamborghini drove the Urakan EVO for the first time in a long time. My husband is usually on the Huracán EVO, so I almost drive ...

There were people in the Ferrari 296 GTB! !!

To meet Ferrari 296 GTB @ Cornes Shiba On this day, Ferrari 296 GTB was shown at Ferrari dealer Cornes Shiba. The 296 GTB exhibited this time has already taken pictures etc. in the media ...

Ferrari patented to mount battery in mid-engine setup

2022/02/08   -Ferrari: Ferrari

From the patent drawing, the appearance of a supercar equipped with a battery in the conventional midship spot has been around since Ferrari was told about a year ago that "Ferrari's first electric supercar will be announced by 2025". ..

Ferrari Roma Keybox

Very luxurious Ferrari key case This time Ferrari Roma key case ... No, I would like to write about the key box. Our Ferrari Roma was delivered on September 30, 2021 (see here for details: ...


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