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The image inside the new Cayenne, which will be announced on April 18, 2023, has been released, and the exterior design has been seen from the leaked image

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"Porsche Driver Experience" born from a new interior concept

Regarding the new Cayenne, which will be world premiered at the Shanghai Motor Show in China on April 18, 2023, Porsche recently announced its new fully digital display.

Its appearance is exactly like a full EV Taikan, and it seems that Cayenne is also preparing to go towards full EV.

In fact, it is the first time that a cockpit that incorporates the elements of a full EV Taycan has been transplanted to a Porsche model with an engine.

What is the new cockpit of the new Cayenne with Taycan elements:

  • Adopted a 12.6-inch curved free-standing design
  • Digital meter panel that can be changed to display up to 7 types
  • redesigned center console
  • new generation steering wheel


Up to 7 types of display contents include rev counter, online navigation, night vision assist, 3D driving support system, etc. By selecting these, it is possible to display the content you want to see in the foreground.

Of course, there is also a classic mode that digitizes and displays the simple display and the five meter panel design unique to Porsche.

The automatic gear selector is now positioned next to the steering wheel, freeing up space in the center console to accommodate the large glass-faced climate control controller in a black-panel design.

By the way, the new Cayenne is the first to adopt a design without louvers for all air outlets in the cockpit.

The high-resolution 12.3-inch center display centrally controls the Porsche Communication Management System (PCM).

Another driver assistance system control lever is mounted directly on the steering wheel.

The new multi-function sports steering wheel derived from the 911 seems to have been completely revised, and the driving modes that can be selected from the steering are "Normal, Off-road, Sport, Sports Plus". This mode switch is standard equipment.

The switches for selecting the function and design of the meter panel are also placed directly on the steering wheel as well as the optional head-up display switches.

An optional 10.9-inch passenger display can also be fitted to the passenger seat, allowing the experience of interacting with the vehicle or the driver. It may be convenient for the person in the front passenger seat to be able to operate the media on the display in front of them.

By the way, the contents displayed on this passenger display are not visible from the driver's seat due to a special coating. So it seems that it is also possible to try streaming videos on the passenger seat screen without distracting the driver.

In other words, the person sitting in the passenger seat secretly sees the content (mail line, call history, etc.) connected to the driver's smartphone from the passenger seat, and secretly blazes with the contents. Even if it is, the driver will not notice that the contents of the smartphone are being viewed until he/she arrives at the destination, and it will be possible to drive calmly.

… No, what is that scary (laughs).

So, this is just my imagination. Excuse me ^^

In addition, the connectivity function has been optimized, and a cooled smartphone storage space with wireless charging function is standard equipment. Cooling optimizes charging power to a maximum of 15W.

In addition, the expansion of online services will also provide new interaction methods such as vehicle operation using the voice assistant Siri.

There are also two new USB-C ports in the front storage compartment and two new USB-C ports behind the center console. All USB ports are equipped with fast charging function. It is glad.

It seems that the front USB port connects the smartphone to the PCM, and the pairing of the smartphone and the vehicle is just reading the QR code displayed on the PCM.

By reading and pairing the QR code, you can use connectivity functions such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Also, with the newly installed In-Car Video function, it seems that it will be possible to watch videos in PCM via streaming provider ScreenHits TV (* center display when stopped, passenger display when driving) watch).

* The contents (including photos) announced this time are European specifications, and may differ from Japanese specifications.

2024 Porsche Cayenne look

And here's where it gets interesting (?), It seems that the design (appearance) of the new Cayenne has been revealed from the image projected on the infotainment system released this time.

I don't think there were any images of the Cayenne in the new photos officially released by Porsche prior to the world premiere, so I don't know where the images came from. But anyway, this image of the Cayenne is said to be of the Cayenne projected onto the new infotainment system.

The only thing that makes me wonder is, if it's from the unpublished PCM image, someone actually messed with the infotainment system in the real car to make this Cayenne display... well, then the real car from the outside. Shouldn't it have been taken? (laughs)

I wonder if the purpose was to dare to leak in low resolution with this "spy shot from the infotainment system". Isn't that true?

When you look at it, the characteristic thing is the headlight. Before it became a full EV, it already had headlights like Taikan. Cayenne is already full of motivation towards full EV conversion.

Due to the change in the shape of the headlights, the shape of the bonnet is also slightly different from before.

The front grille/air intake has been enlarged and designed with two bars each.

Some images are at an angle where you can see the side/rear, but you can see the LED light bar on the rear. It is said that this is a type in which the tail light is also built into the light bar like the Taycan.

For the time being, I would like to look forward to the day when it will be announced at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 18th ^ ^

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