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A camper that can carry Porsche

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German camper: Volkner Mobil

The other day, when I was looking at an overseas site, there was a camper that had Porsche stored in the car as it was, so I wondered "what the hell is this?"

It seems that it was a vehicle of Volkner Mobil, a German camper maker, this is the official homepage (German):Volkner Mobil

I think it's better to call it a motorhome than to call it a camper.

There seemed to be four types of campers prepared by this company (and among them, there are different types due to different specifications).

Of the four types, there are two types, "Performance Perfection" and "Performance", that can store the entire car under the bus-shaped body.

When I hear only the name, "Performance Perfection" seems to be a higher-end model, but in reality, "Performance" seems to be a higher-end model.

The Mini Cooper / Fiat 500 size can be stored in Performance Perfection.

On the other hand, for the performance, it was written that Porsche 911, BMW i8, Mercedes C class cabriolet, Ferrari, anything is OK.

On the homepage, there are pictures of various types of models actually mounted on the vehicle.

Then, how to put a car under (the name is getting more and more appropriate ...) on this bus was as follows.

First of all, open the place where the controller is in the back of the bus, take out the controller, press the button or do something to the door for the car? Will slide up ↓

This person has that controller ↓

After raising the door, slide out the part that will be the floor on which the car will be placed. This is also operated with one button on the controller ↓

When you're ready, put your car on this floor plate first ↓


So, when you finish putting the car on the plate, slide the floor itself again with the controller and put it back in the bus.

Then close the door ... ↓

It seems to be completed when it is closed to the end (the floor on which the car is placed also goes up).

Even so, the uncle (President ??) who is introducing this camper seems to be operating in a boring manner from beginning to end (laughs). Were you in a bad mood?

Of course, motorcycles and bicycles can also be installed. It seems that you can also carry jet skis and snowmobiles.

Well, anything that fits in size is OK, isn't it?

By the way, I haven't really seen if it's an option (I'm sorry that the site is in German ...), but it's good that the tarp comes out like this and creates a shade!

It seems that the number of people who can drive this camper is quite limited, but it seems to be fun to load your own car and move to your destination with this camper ^ ^

After arriving at the destination, take down the Porsche and drive around it and have fun ...

It's OK if you drink leisurely while having a barbecue outside and then sleep in the camper as it is at the end! That's the best. It ’s good.

The size of this camper seems to be large enough for a small studio apartment in Japan, and it is an environment where you can live perfectly in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

It even comes with a shower. I can't imagine how to manage it anymore.

Seen from above, it looks like this. It seems to be a solar panel.

Lastly, regarding the price of this performance type camper, among the performance, the lowest model in terms of specifications is "1034,000 euros (about 130 million yen)" and the middle model is "1240,000 euros (about 150 million yen)" , The top model is "Respond to request". I'm scared (laughs).

Although it is in German, this is an explanation video ↓

You can see an uncle who looks very moody ~ ^^. I like it because it's cute (my uncle (laughs)).

Source:VOLKNER Mobil

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