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Tesla Cybertruck radio-controlled car for sale (with window cracks and stickers)

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The scale of the radio controlled car is 1/10 and 1/64

Very announced by TeslaFuturistic design "Cybertruck".. It seems that this model radio-controlled car will be on sale.

The size ranges from a large size of 1:10 to a small size of 1:64. Both sizes work fine.

By the way, the large 1/10 size is already sold out (as of February 22, 2020), and if you register from the following site, you will be contacted when it arrives again. ..

Sales site: 1:10 Hot Wheels® R / C Cybertruck – Limited Edition

* At this time, these products are only accepted for shipment to the United States and Canada.

1:10 Scale Cybertruck RC

1/10 size comes with a pistol type remote control.

It seems that a sticker indicating that the window glass has cracked will be attached when the Cybertruck is announced. It's terrible (laughs).

Reference article about window cracks: Again, "If you're Elon!" (Laughs)

However, it looks like a cyber truck because of that crack, so maybe I want a crack sticker ^ ^

By the way, various parody products are on sale for window cracks, for example, this is a T-shirt ↓

Now, returning to the radio-controlled model, the headlights and taillights of the larger ones are also lit, and the opening and closing of the rear part is the same as the movement of Cybertruck.

The series called "Hot Wheels" that puts out this radio control is 4WD, and it seems that it can put out up to 25 mph (about 40 km).

1:64 scale Cybertruck RC

The small scale (1:64) radio control comes with a remote control like a game controller, and has fewer functions than the larger one. At 1:64 scale, the length is about 7.6 cm.

However, due to its small size, the 1/64 size one has a maximum speed of 500 mph (about 805 km).

Unfortunately, there was no official announcement of how many seconds this insanely fast 1/64 scale cybertruck could reach 0-100km, and the lap time in the Nürburg ring was not announced ... ^

Both models are currently accepting pre-orders. The car will be delivered around mid-December 2020. Is it a real car? !! It's a long time until delivery.

The price is $ 400 for the 1/10 scale (sold out / about 45,000 yen) and $ 20 for the 1/64 model (about 2,200 yen).

The larger size is battery powered (9.9 volt rechargeable). It seems that the small size can be charged by connecting it to the controller.

Both cars can be played in two drive modes (Chill mode and Sport mode).

This is the product introduction video. At the very end ... After all, there is also a parody that throws a steel ball at Cybertruck and cracks in the window ^ ^ ↓

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