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Porsche Taycan "We can go faster" & Taycan Turbo S sound when traveling at 260 km / h

Posted: October 4, 2019 Updated:

Porsche vs Tesla electric car lap time battle

Starting last month, Tesla's Elon Musk tweeted "I'll run the Tesla Model S on the Nürburgring!" And then "Tesla is trying to skip the 7:42 lap time on the Porsche Taikan Nürburgring." There is a lot of talk.

There have been various circumstances so far, so if you have time, you can see the situation from ① below ^ ^

Tesla has even officially stated that he will be able to run the Model S at the Nürburgring in October and set a lap time of "7:05" (see ③ above for details).

The Nürburgring run on this Model S has not been confirmed yet, but in the face of that challenge, on the car-related site, Porsche Taycan is also

"The Taycan's previous Nürburgring lap time of 7:42 was released with the Taycan Turbo prototype, so the Taycan Turbo S, which boasts specs that go beyond that, may be able to produce even faster lap times."

It was also said.

In such a situation, finally (I don't know if it is ^^), Mr. Lukas Kramer, the product manager of Porsche Taycan, said as follows.

"Tesla might be yet to officially return fire in the battle for EV supremacy at the Nurburgring, but should the Model S beat the Taycan's lap time, Porsche has an ace up its sleeve to ensure the record won't stay in Elon Musk's pocket for long. ”

In other words

"I don't know if Tesla will be competing for electric car lap times at the Nürburgring, but if the Model S beats Taycan's lap time, the record of that lap time will not be Elon Musk's for a long time. Yeah, Porsche is also preparing a trump card properly. "

Is it like that?

Yes, that is, it is close to the declaration that "We can go faster", Porsche can run faster.

Cool ~! !! !!

... Oh, I'm sorry, I look cool when it comes to Porsche's remarks (laughs).

The trump card of Porsche electric car, Taycan Turbo S

Well, that's why Porsche, which is said to be the trump card, is the "Taikan Turbo S".

Last time, Taycan recorded 7:42 because it was a challenge with the prototype of Taycan Turbo, so the higher model Turbo S is still ahead.

The Taycan turbo generates 460kW with a twin electric motor and is 500kW (850Nm) when launch controlled, while the Taycan turbo S is also 460kW, but when launch controlled, it boosts for 2.5 seconds. In the meantime, it will be 560kW (1,050Nm), and it seems that 0-100km can be shortened to 2.8 seconds.

Furthermore, the ceramic brakes of Turbo S will help the Taycan to run at higher speeds.

Tesla hasn't actually measured the lap time in the official Nürburgring yet, and it's not really known at this point what will happen in the future.

But at least many people are certainly worried about the ending, saying, "This is what it will be," and Tesla has officially declared that it will "return to Nürburgring."

In the unlikely event that the Tesla Model S overtakes the Taycan Turbo's Nürburgring lap time of 7:42, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S will meet it.

Hmm, what will happen?

As a Porsche lover, I want Porsche to be the fastest.

However, when I think that one of them will definitely lose, it's a matter of course, but since it became a hot topic like this time and it became a confrontation between two models. Defeat seems to be painful ... so it feels a little difficult to see.

However, the result is the result.

I think that each car has no choice but to put out what it can, so I would like to continue to look forward to the results that will come out someday.

Well, and finally, beforeI listened to the sound when Taycan controlled the launchThat's why, this time, I started with the launch control again with the Taycan Turbo S, and the video that accelerates to 260 km / h has been uploaded, so I watched it.

Really, the sound is too futuristic.

It's amazing. This is 260km out! What?

Looking only at the sound and speedometer rather than running in Porsche, it feels more like remembering the experience of riding a maglev train before than driving a Porsche. Masu ^^

This is a 55-second video, but if you don't have the time, the Taycan Turbo S will actually launch and start running up to 260 km / h from about 30 seconds after the video starts, so please take a look at just a few seconds from there. Please ^^!! ↓


Source:Porsche's secret weapon in Nurburgring war with Tesla: We can go faster

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