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Long-distance driving with Porsche Macan. A day trip of 800 kilometers

Posted: March 21, 2019 Updated:

Consider purchasing a Porsche SUV

NowLooking for a family car at homeContinues.

The same is true for cars that are considered for replacement after BMW, but apart from that, the children are getting bigger and bigger.

"Isn't it better to have a separate 5-seater car that I can drive? 』\

There is also a story.

The BMW 650i is too big to drive a car with a long front, so I can't drive it, so if the successor car is also big, I wonder if I can drive it.

Therefore, one of the cars to be considered this time is the SUV, which is the first in my home.

Of course, the first thing to consider is that it is a car for me who likes Porsche, so I will consider Porsche first.

I want to ride a Porsche SUV Macan!

So, considering the size and so on, the one that seemed to be the most realistic was Mr. Porsche Macan ^ ^!

Yes, if you think about it, take immediate action.

It's the first SUV for my family, and I wanted to actually ride it with five family members and see if my family likes Macan.

that's why. I went to the Porsche Center for a test drive ~! !!

... I won't do anything. picture? Would you like to test drive? why?

Yes! That is right.

Anyway, I want to ride a lot, so I decided to rent a Macan S and go on a day trip instead of a test drive this time. That distance is 800 kilometers for a day trip. picture? strange? Bring 3 kids? ... isn't it (laughs).

Actually I wanted to ride the new Macan, but it seemed impossible, so this time I rented the current Macan S.

Rent a Porsche Macan S

Rent-a-car, the only problem is "sharing a car with others", and this time it was really the hardest ... yes, it's the "smell of cigarettes" (tears).

Even though it was a car with no smoking, the inside of the car had a terrible cigarette smell. Rent-a-car company ~, somehow this ~ (tears).

I couldn't run for hours with my kids in this situation, as I was almost vomiting just by closing the windows and riding for a few minutes! So, on the night when I rented a car from Mr. Macan, I started from this work for the time being.

Yes! Febreze! !!

From the floor mat to the trunk, to the "fabric" in the car, Febreze is all about. I used up all the new Febreze bottles for Macan (laughs).

As a result ... If the smell of cigarettes at the time of borrowing was 100%, the smell had decreased to about 80% the next morning, and the weather was fine on the day of the drive, so I continued to run at high speed with a little window open. As a result ... By the time I returned Mr. Macan, I think that the smell of cigarettes had reached about 50% compared to the beginning!

What is that? Was this mission to deodorize Macan from the rental car (laughs)?

No, I seemed to lose my purpose, but yes, the purpose of this time was to run with Mr. Macan ^ ^. I was shocked by the smell of cigarettes, so I just wrote it for a long time ... (laughs).

Then, I would like to write my impressions of riding Porsche Macan, which is the original purpose! Please note that I, who is said to "speak with a feeling that I do not understand a little", wrote what I thought completely with a sense without understanding the difficult things ^ ^

What I thought about riding the Porsche Macan S

First of all. When I touched Mr. Macan, the first thing I thought was "The door is heavy!".

No, every time I opened the door, I thought it was "heavy". Ah, I'm basically comparing with Porsche 911 Elementary Carrera (aside from the question of whether it should be compared ...).

Of course, the weight of this door didn't bother me at all, I just thought it was "heavy" in comparison (laughs). And I confirmed Nico-chan's survival on the door of Porsche Macan S ^ ^

After that, I felt the size of the car more when I stopped the car and looked at the Macan objectively from the outside than when I was in the car. Looking at the stopped Macan from the outside, it says "It's quite big!"

However, I didn't feel the size of the car because it was tall enough to drive while sitting in the driver's seat and the view from the driver's seat was good.

"Oh, I can drive at all (no problem in terms of size)!", I feel like there is no resistance. In fact, when I drove, there was no problem with the general roads and highways in Tokyo.

After that, I got on the Macan for the first time and started driving! When that happens, the question "Wow, what's this!" Means "there is no position to put your left foot".

I think that this Macan S is a car with a right steering wheel specification, but with the Porsche 911, even with the same right steering wheel, the area where the left foot is placed is not so bulging from the side like this, it is a flat space It has become ↓

It may be difficult to understand because I can't take a good picture.

On the other hand, in Mr. Macan, the side in front of this left foot is raised, and it seems that it is not possible to put the left foot straight forward naturally ↓

I think that I have no choice but to get used to this, but anyway, if I rented it for only one day, this "I have no place to put my left foot" is the most when driving Macan. I just felt a sense of discomfort.

No, but that's the only thing that made me feel uncomfortable (and it's not that it's particularly bad as a car, it's not a problem just because it's different from my usual car), and the rest is normal, really driving naturally. I was able to do it.

The ride quality is "softer" than the Porsche 911, and at first I thought it was "wow, fluffy".

I wondered if there was a button to make the suspension stiff, but I didn't find it. Even when I switched to sports mode, the suspension didn't feel different.

But that's right. Again, when I was riding at high speed and running for a while, I felt that this soft feeling was just right, and I changed my mind to "I can ride this without getting tired even over long distances!".

Even if it is soft, it is not fluffy, so it is just right "It is not too hard, it is not too fluffy, it feels like you can ride a long distance without getting tired" ^ ^ The more you get used to it, the more cute Macan will feel. ..

After that, when I stepped on the accelerator, I felt that the accelerator was very "deep".

"Deep" really means "stepping deeper" physically ... In order to step on solid, you have to step deeper than 911 to get the pedal to the floor.

This is not difficult at all. However, Macan has an overwhelmingly longer and longer time to step on than 911, so every time I stepped on it, I thought "Oh, it's deep!" ^^

After that, what I always do when running in Porsche is to see the tire pressure etc., but in the 911 it is on the right side of the steering wheel, one below the lever that operates the wiper. Use the lever to change the screen so that you can see the tire pressure.

This is because Macan does not have that lever, and you can change the screen by turning this small dial (yellow circle part ↓) attached to the handle.

Not accustomed to this, I tried to change the screen several times and touched the wiper lever. Even myself, I'm always unconsciously changing the screen in 911 and seeing various things, and I newly learned my actions (laugh).

Easy to operate because it is the same Porsche as 911 ~

However, since Mr. Macan is just a "Porsche", the operation of various things is basically the same, so even if you rent a car, it is so natural that you will immediately think "This may be your own car". I was able to use various functions.

Once I connected the Wifi and connected the Porsche Connect app, it was really easy because I could easily handle all the navigation and so on, just like my 911. After all, being a "Porsche" makes me happy in many ways.

By the way, Mr. Macan.

Driving ... It was different from the feeling of acceleration compared to 911, but the inside of the car is comfortable for long-distance driving, and I thought it would be fun enough to drive this much.

Even at high speeds, it's fun to step on solidly and bring it to a certain speed in a few seconds, and with 911 you can step on and continue to step on as much as you think "I can not step on so solidly", so I think that it is fun. It was ^^

Also, surprisingly, I didn't feel scared at all when I was speeding up (legal speed!).

This may be misleading, but what I want to say is that the Macan accelerates more slowly than the 911, so even if it reaches a certain speed, "naturally, it will reach that point before you know it. I don't feel anything because I feel like I've reached it.

On the other hand, with 911 and GT3, that speed is reached more instantly, so from the feeling of acceleration and the sound etc., it seems that you think "fast!" More than necessary. I'm sure it's just me (laughs). ... So, I didn't really feel that "fast !!", but "unknowingly fast".

Oh yeah, it was easy to understand & convenient that Macan's trunk closes automatically if you press the ↓ button here when closing it ...

At first I didn't know how to open it from the outside (laughs). If you look closely, there was a button in such a place ~ ↓

Also, in the case of 911, after running at high speed, there are a lot of insects on the front part of the car (around the license plate), and I feel that there are not so many insects on the windshield. However, in the case of Macan, at high speed, insects got stuck on the windshield.

I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but it's a huge number (laughs). The points that look fine are all insects.

Is this related to the high vehicle height? Air flow relationship? What is it? Do SUVs often have insects on their windshields? ??

By the way, like that, the children seemed to be comfortable in the back seats (although there are children who originally love cars, after driving for 10 hours, they once said "I'm tired" or "I'm already a car." There was no such thing as "..."! I enjoyed driving comfortably for a long time), the passenger seat was wide and comfortable, and I enjoyed driving.

Macan-chan, the longer I spent, the more I became attached to it, and I thought, "It's really cute."

Porsche Macan S day trip 800 km round trip

After all, the total running time of the Macan S is 10 hours from 6:30 in the morning until returning home after 20:00. The mileage I ran in one day was "806 km". A family that is too stupid to travel this distance on a day trip ... (laughs).

But you know. I'm really surprised, but I'm sure this, Macan was really the best for long-distance driving. Because, if this distance of 806 km was two drivers (husband and me), I felt it in a blink of an eye.

My husband also concluded, "Somehow, with this feeling, I can go on the next day trip within 800 kilometers of a round trip at all."

In my house, "As a family car, Macan is an ant! Macan is cute and not the best!"

And, on the way back, it was a fact that I had a serious conversation with my husband, "Would you like to buy it? Will you make it to Macan?"

but. But, but, but. After all, for the time being, I decided to forgo this time. because. If you have these two cars in front of me when you use a car in your daily life ... ↓ (Oh, of course, even if you buy Macan, I will not let go of 911 ^ ^)

Even if it's difficult to put children's school bags on it, or it's hard to put in the products I bought at Costco (laughs), I thought I would ride on Mr. Black Carrera.

In that case ... Macan is dispatched for a short trip such as "when you want to go out with your family for a while" like this time, or when you really have to buy a lot of luggage, the purpose is clear to some extent. It may only be time.

If so, the conclusion is that, like this time, "you should rent a car when you need it." From the point of view of how to use my home, I came to such a conclusion.

Still, I really like Macan, so I'd like to rent a car again soon and take a day trip outing ^^ Macan drive was fun!

…Huh. So, after all, what did you go to after running 800 kilometers this time?

Um ... That…. that. Purely ... I wanted to eat oysters.

So, when I went to Ishinomaki to eat oysters last winter, I heard from the uncle of the oyster shop that "March is delicious!", So it was March, so "Oh, I want to eat oysters again." "Ne" ...

To eat oysters, I skipped Macan S and went to Ishinomaki on a day trip from Tokyo ~ ^ ^

The 800km drive on the Porsche Macan S was the most enjoyable, and the Ishinomaki oysters were also the most delicious!

Macan is very comfortable and very satisfied. It was a really cute car. Thank you for a fun trip! !! !! Let's meet again. By then ... Reduce the smell of cigarettes a little more (laughs).

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