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Interior of the new Panamera to be announced on November 24, 2023

Posted date: November 8, 2023 Updated date:

The new generation Panamera is scheduled to be announced on November 24, 2023

It is said that the new Panamera will be announced soon, and ahead of that, there was an announcement about the interior of the new Panamera.

I mean, why did you decide to announce only this interior before the announcement?

I'd like to take a look for now.

The new Panamera is said to be equipped with the driver-centered "Porsche Driver Experience Control Concept" first introduced in the Taycan, which means it is a completely digital display.

It is not only a digital display, but also offers a wide range of customization options and intuitive operation.The key to this control concept is to place relevant driving control elements close to the steering wheel. It seems that it is grouped.

This gives the driver quick and intuitive access to all essential functions.

Elegant and intuitive

A toggle switch for changing the options offered by the instrument cluster and a mode switch for selecting the driving program are located directly on the steering wheel.

The gear lever is right next to it.

This frees up space on the center console for the climate control panel, which combines a touch surface with physical switches and is very elegant and intuitive to operate.

The new Panamera will feature new electrically adjustable air vents in the center console that are completely finless.

It's also possible to switch between multiple pre-set personalized climate control modes with the touch of a button, and the storage area in the center console now has more space than before.

The display is a 12.6-inch curved freestanding design. The information displayed there is divided into three areas, and it is possible to set the display in different ways depending on the selection.

It seems that a head-up display can be installed as an option, and it can be operated from the sports steering wheel.

The new interior decoration concept of the new Panamera is striking in its formal continuity, from the center console to the control panel and all the way to the doors.

For the first time as a Porsche, it is also equipped with continuous ambient lighting that runs along the entire panel, emphasizing the width of the vehicle.

By the way, the seat has also been improved with improved foam material, making it more resilient and more comfortable than before.

The Executive model also features a newly shaped rear seat system that provides an optimized seating position, allowing those in the rear seats to enjoy long drives in comfort.

The new Panamera is said to be available in a variety of color and material options, particularly high-quality materials and a wide range of bi-color designs, some of which will be available through Porsche Exclusive Manufacture.

This time, it is also the first time for Porsche to offer equipment that does not use leather for the Panamera, and it seems that a combination of Racetex and Pepita will also be offered.

I don't really know what will happen in this area, so I'm looking forward to November 24th when the actual car will be announced ^^

Source:(Official) Porsche Driver Experience in the new Panamera with driver-centered interior concept

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