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Porsche Japan opens an official Line account ... suddenly embarrassing

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Register as a friend on the Porsche line

Today, January 17, 2022, I received a notification email from Porsche Japan saying "I have created an official Porsche Japan line account."

Oh. I wanted to connect it right away, so I immediately registered as a friend.

After registering, the first message I received was an automatic transmission.

Yeah, it feels like an official line.

I was in a good mood because I registered the Porsche line, "Hey, I got an official Porsche line account! So I registered as a friend now ^ ^ I told him.

Then the kids say, "Is that so? Then send me something!"

I said, "No, these official accounts are often sent from the other side, and even if you send something from here, you will only get an automatic reply like" I can not accept messages ". I think. "

However, the children said, "Well, no, if you put the title on the official website of Jump, it will show related information and pictures, and when Fate advertised nationwide the other day, Fate's official account When I hit "Tokyo", I saw an advertisement in Tokyo! "When.

"So if Porsche also puts" 911 ", it will return 911 information and photos! "When.

"Eh ~ lie ~. But if nothing happens when I send it, it's kind of embarrassing. The Porsche person on the other side of the line may laugh at me saying," Pu, this person sent something. " I said, "No, don't you?", But I was told, "No, try it!" ...

I tried it, with courage.

It's kind of exciting to reply to the Porsche Japan official line account! !!

"911 ... and I'll send it? Will you really send it? Hmm, eh, send"



Nope. It's embarrassing (laughs).

After all it was no good. The last emoji will make you more embarrassed ~ (laughs)! !! !!

If a person on the other side of the Porsche Japan line was looking at this, it would definitely be thought that "this person hit 911 (laughs)" --- (maybe)! !! !!

… That was my home, drunk and making noise with Porsche Japan's official line account ^ ^

If you haven't registered as a friend yet, why don't you register?

So, if you like, please hit "911" and get a reply from Porsche Japan saying "Sending is not accepted" and try to be "embarrassed" (laugh).

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