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Is Porsche Experience Center Tokyo Tokyo? e?

Posted: November 25, 2020 Updated:

The 9th Porsche Experience Center in the world (PEC Tokyo)

The other day, it was announced that the 9th Porsche Experience Center in the world will open in Japan in the end of the summer of 2021.

The Porsche Experience Center (PEC) is a place where you can experience the Porsche brand and sports driving with Porsche cars.

By the way, before the PECs that can be made in Japan, the following PECs exist all over the world (as of November 2020):

  • United Kingdom: Silverstone
  • USA: Atlanta
  • France: Le Mans
  • Germany: Leipzig
  • USA: Los Angeles
  • China: Shanghai
  • Germany: Hockenheim
  • Italy: Franciacorta (scheduled to open in 2021)

This time, PEC Tokyo was announced to open in the end of the summer of 2021, but here there is a 2.1km circuit course with a height difference instead of a flat surface, which has an area that reproduces famous corners such as the Nürburg ring. It seems that it can be done.

Porsche Experience Center Tokyo Overview

Tokyo, even though it's not in Tokyo

Well, well, well, that's it! !!

I'm really looking forward to the opening of this PEC Tokyo, but can I say one thing here that the major media wouldn't be able to say?

I'm sure there are people who think, "That's right!" ... I wonder if that's the case ^^

that is! !!

"Why is the name PEC Tokyo even though it can be done in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture?"

That's it (laughs).

No, I know.

Even the world-famous place in Chiba Prefecture is named "Tokyo Disneyland", and "Tokyo German Village" in Chiba Prefecture is no longer in Tokyo or Germany, and anywhere in Chiba Prefecture. Not included.

Furthermore, the interior shop "Tokyo Interior" has 45 branches nationwide at the moment, but none of them are in Tokyo! !! !!


No, I'm trying to say this, but I'm not actually blaming it ^^

Since it is a name, there are meanings and feelings at the time of each naming, and there is no problem if it does not bother anyone.

And, after all, "Tokyo" is more understood to the world as "Ah, Japan" rather than "Ciba".

No, I felt that "Here in TOKYO" in the introductory video was a bit overstated (laughs).

This time, I was only interested in one thing.

Although this Porsche facility is located in Chiba prefecture, it was given the place name "Tokyo", so from the perspective of the global brand Porsche, how would it be introduced overseas? I suddenly wondered what that was.

So, I immediately checked "How to introduce PEC Tokyo overseas".

It was introduced as follows on the Porsche official site.

"In 2021, the ninth location of this kind will open in Chiba prefecture next to Tokyo in Japan."

In other words, "In 2021, the ninth PEC facility will open in Chiba prefecture, next to Tokyo in Japan."

Oh oh.

It's explained fairly accurately and accurately! As expected! !!

But do you think the person who wrote this article also wondered, "Why did you choose Tokyo next door even though it was in Ciba?"

No, Tokyo Disneyland has become a pioneer and has spread the idea of "It's Ciba, but it's Tokyo, because it's easy to understand that it's Japan", so it's okay.

I'm sorry, it was a really irrelevant story ^^

For the time being, I can say that I am very much looking forward to the opening of this Porsche Experience Center Tokyo! (Forcible summary (laughs))

(Official) "Porsche Experience Center Tokyo" will open in the summer of 2021
(Official) Ninth Porsche Experience Center to be built in Japan

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