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70 years since the establishment of the first Porsche club

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The first Porsche Club was established on May 26, 1952.

If you are a Porsche owner in Japan, you may have heard the name. The existence of "Porsche Club" that seems to be.

It is an organization officially recognized by Porsche, and it seems that there are now over 700 Porsche clubs all over the world.

There are more than 700 Porsche clubs in 86 countries around the world, and the total number of members enrolled exceeds 240,000. Great number!

By the way, after existing as a Porsche club, there seems to be a Porsche club that is abolished (not officially recognized). Fufufu (meaningful laughter ... (laughs)).

"Without a global community of peers who share Porsche's passion, Porsche is not Porsche," said Detlev von Platen, executive officer of sales and marketing at Porsche AG.

"The Porsche Club preserves the Porsche tradition, while its members are involved in social, sports and community activities and represent Porsche's values. It is an attractive club for men and women of all ages. Porsche is very pleased to be able to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Porsche Club (since its first establishment). "

History of Porsche club

The Porsche Club, which was established for the first time in the world, was established in Germany in May 1952, and is now called "Porsche Club Westfalen". The original club name is Westfälischer Porsche Club Hohensyburg.

The first Porsche club outside Germany was established in Belgium in 1953, and the Porsche Club of America, which is now the largest in the world, was established in 1955.

To my surprise, Porsche Club has about five new clubs around the world every year.

Is it made so much? ??

Each Porsche club in the world is voluntarily organized by its club members and is registered as an independent legal association (or equivalent organization).

Since each Porsche club is an independent organization, each club offers different programs, such as driving, motorsport events, or technical lectures and social gatherings about cars.

I participated beforeDrift practice session held at Tsukuba Circuit Gym KanaIt was also an event sponsored by Porsche Club Utsunomiya, which is one of the Porsche clubs ^ ^

Porsche and others owned by Porsche club members range from classic cars to the latest Porsche models, and recently, Porsche's first fully electric vehicle, Taycan, is also increasing.

The first Porsche "Friends' Circle" before the Porsche Club was Porsche founder Ferry Porsche and then Porsche's racing director Fritz Huschke von Hanstan (Fritz). Huschke von Hanstein) seems to have started when he decided to collect "Porsche friends".

And the first group was created from the motor racing community, and Huschke von Hanstein was very active in establishing the first club, such as making a connection between the group and Porsche AG.

In 1956, he and Ferry Porsche held a rally with all European and American customers. This is the first Porsche meeting and will be held in Merano, Italy.

This was the beginning of the European Rally, and over the next few years, about 600 Porsche cars began to gather on the spot on a regular basis, which is amazing in terms of scale.

Mr. Ferry Porsche seems to have continued to participate in the American Porsche Rally until his later years ^ ^

Since then, this rally participation has been a tradition that has been passed down to this day by Wolfgang Porsche and Hans-Peter Porsche.

Dr Wolfgang Porsche

That kind of thing is good ~ ^^

Will Japanese Porsche Rally become a tradition?

When I think about it, I am participatingPorsche rally event sponsored by Porsche Dealer (EBI Group) to be held in Japanthere is.

It's just the beginning, so I'm thrilled if there will be an event every time, "Is it going to be done this year? Is it going to be done next year? Isn't it going to be done anymore?" If you notice, it has the potential to become one of the traditions of Porsche events by Japanese Porsche dealers.

I was deeply moved by one person and thought, "Yeah, I wish it would become a traditional event someday."

Well, it's fun for me to participate, so there's a story that I'm just putting pressure on this place to "continue?" (Laughs).

No, it's a wonderful Porsche event that can actually become a "tradition", so I'm looking forward to seeing what this Porsche rally in Japan will look like decades later.

When I was old and couldn't drive, I asked my child to drive and participated in the passenger seat. It was so emotional and touching that I was probably crying in the passenger seat all the time.

Well, I'm sorry that the story went off again after a long time ^ ^

Returning to the Porsche clubs, it is said that the management of each club is taken over not only by Porsche's global community management team, but also by Porsche importers and Porsche dealers in each country.

Since this year 2022 is the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the first Porsche club, Porsche is planning various global communication and event campaigns under the name of "Enduring Passion". It is about.

I do not belong to the Porsche club, but there are many Porsche owners I met through the Porsche club due to various relationships, so I am grateful for each of those encounters.

Only really nice things to meet through Porsche ^ ^

I think that holding events etc. is still a difficult situation, but I hope that the Porsche Club, where everyone with one common feeling of "I love Porsche" can gather as a companion, will continue with that tradition. I think.

This is the official website about Porsche Club in Japan:Porsche Club Japan

Exhibitor:(Official) Porsche Clubs celebrate 70th anniversary

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