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6 Porsche Carrera GT running: The sound of Taycan Maybe it comes from Carrera GT?

Posted: March 2, 2021 Updated:

You Tuber's Shumee150's Carrera GT 6 car driving experience

This is amazing.

Porsche's Carrera GT is not a model that you can meet by chance in everyday life, and even if you have a chance to meet Carrera GT, it is impossible for multiple Carrera GTs to meet together It's almost a miracle, and I think it's unlikely to happen normally.

But, after all, car YouTuber Shmee150 "has". It's amazing.

In the video released the other day, it is unusual that as many as 6 Carrera GTs are touring together at once.

America is an event in Atlanta, where:

Carrera GT White

Carrera GT Silver x 3

Carrera GT Guards Red

And a very rare Carrera GT oak green metallic

That's a great collection of 6 cars. This is impossible!

Furthermore, I think that this Shmee150-san definitely "has" something. Because, when I was taking pictures with 6 Carrera GTs side by side, I happened to encounter a situation where Taycan passed by.

It's too amazing, isn't it? This "great sound vs. silence" Porsche encounter.

The encounter of two Porsche models that seems to be the opposite of not only the sound but also the first place.

But this time, I also watched this video and thought about comparing these two models.

That is, "Maybe it was the sound of Carrera GT that Porsche referred to when making the sound of Taycan?"

This is completely my own imagination again, but when I was watching this video this time, I heard the "sound heard from inside the car" of the Carrera GT and said, "Oh, this is the sound I heard somewhere recently. I feel. "

Please listen here. When you play the following video, it will start from that point. Just listen for the first few seconds. The sound of the Carrera GT is the "sound heard from inside the car with the roof closed" (from about 6:09 in the video) ↓


Here is what I would like you to hear more. This is the one I especially want you to hear.

This is the same video, but when you play it, it will start from the part you want to hear, so please listen for the first few seconds (from about 7:17 in the video) ↓

Hey? ??

Have you ever heard the sound you hear from inside the car with the roof of this Carrera GT closed? Is it similar?

Yes, this is it. When you play it, it will start from that sound (from about 3:41 in the video). ↓

That's right, I can hear the sound from the inside of the Carrera GT superimposed on the base of the Taycan sound. I think that the Carrera GT sound source was used as one of the references when making the Taycan's acceleration sound.

This is the first accelerating sound called "Hyu-n". In addition, I think it is the sound of Taycan that gives a more cosmic feel. ??

I wonder if that is the case.

However, if Porsche gives the Taycan, which is a full electric car, some kind of sound, it is not the sound of the Carrera GT that plays the wonderful sound that Porsche is proud of, and it is not the sound of a phone that can be heard from the outside. I think that it is quite natural to bring "the acceleration sound of the Carrera GT that the driver can hear in the car" to the last.

Well, this sound is my complete imagination, but anyway, the appearance of 6 Carrera GTs running together is a masterpiece, and the sound is amazing, so please take a look!

This is the full video from the beginning (17:44) ↓

Shmee150 YouTube
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