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Sapphire blue metallic was chosen as the most favorite Porsche body color

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Tournament of Colors: Porsche Body Color Popularity Vote on Twitter

Porsche's official Twitter is Porsche's body color popularity vote selected by the Twitter people who have been accepting votes on Twitter since last month, but I would like to see it because the result has finally come out.

It was a tournament format from 64 colors in all, and the popular color you chose was the method to survive, but here we will introduce from 8 finalists.

Originally, the body colors were divided into 4 categories, so the best 8 were the colors remaining in each category, and those colors are as follows.

Modern color division

The last two colors to win in the modern color category are Miami Blue and Night Blue Metallic.

While having the ability (popularity) to become a finalistMiami Blue, which disappeared from the configurator a while ago .....

Classic color category

The two finalists in the classic color category are Mexican Blue and Guards Red.

Metallic color section

What I was particularly looking forward to was the metallic color category.

After all, Jet Black Metallic, the color of my beloved Black Carrera, was winning over GT Silver, which I thought was a strong enemy in the second round!

If you defeat GT Silver, will it be the final at once? I was wondering, and I was watching the result that this jet black remained in the two category finalists.

Non-metallic color category

The last two colors in the non-metallic color category are voodoo blue and Gulf orange.

By the way, why is this Voodoo Blue such a name? This is doubtful. Does Voodoo have anything to do with blue? do not know.

Porsche body color vote best 4

So, the final two colors of each of the above categories were voted, and finally the four colors that will be the best four overall are decided.

The last ones left are Miami Blue, Guards Red, Voodoo Blue, and Sapphire Blue Metallic.

Ah, sorry. Jet Black Metallic is defeated by Sapphire Blue Metallic at this point. sad.

Even so, it seems that the blue color was popular with Porsche lovers on Twitter, as 3 of the last 4 colors are blue.

Porsche body color voting final

Well, which of the four final colors did you think remained?

The last two colors to win were Miami Blue and Sapphire Blue Metallic.

The last is a battle between blues!

I've already seen this far and thought, "Oh, this is definitely the winner in Miami Blue."

As mentioned above, Miami Blue has just disappeared from the list as a color that can be usually selected, so I think it was easy to collect votes for Miami Blue because of the feeling that it was "lost". Because I thought (read too much).


The result was different!

The result is ... Sapphire Blue Metallic ~! !!

I didn't expect it when this tournament started, and I thought it was a surprising result, but sapphire blue metallic is certainly a very beautiful color.

It was a popular Porsche body color tournament that was entertaining. If I had an account on Twitter, I also enjoyed being able to participate in voting.

One day, I would like to get votes not only from Twitter but also from a wider range (including those who are not doing SNS) and see the result of the favorite body color chosen by Porsche fans all over the world. It was ^^

It would be fun if we could see the results for each country.

Source: Porsche Official Twitter (English)

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