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Porsche: Porsche morning mission ◆ Porsche Experience Center Tokyo

PEC Tokyo 13th Morning Mission: The theme is 911

Posted date: February 24, 2024 Updated date:

[Postponed event from January] The 13th theme is 911

It was originally scheduled to be held on Sunday, January 21, 2024, one month before this date.13th Morning Mission canceled due to bad weatherAs a result, the 13th Morning Mission on this day was held in a different format than the previous one.

Therefore, the theme and most of the participants are the same as last month.

*At this point, it seems that the Morning Mission held in February was counted as the ``14th'', but later, with the slide from January, it seems to have been counted as the ``13th''.

I had not been selected for the Morning Mission on that day, but due to other matters, I was allowed to enter Porsche Experience Center Tokyo (PEC Tokyo) from the time the Morning Mission was being held. So I went there. →More details will be provided separately ^^

So, I also enjoyed the morning mission, so let's take a look at what it was like.

I parked my car in a slightly different location than everyone on the morning mission.

A parade run will be held on this day to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Morning Mission, and the doors will open a little earlier than usual at 8am.

Porsches gather one after another from early in the morning.

The theme was "911", so of course there were cars other than 911s (you can apply even if it doesn't fit the theme), but basically most of the cars were 911s.

911s arranged by year

The 911s gathered on this day were guided and parked according to the age of their cars.

By categorizing them by age group, it gave a sense of unity and it was easy for the visitors to understand, which was great.

PEC Tokyo Parade Run & Commemorative Photo

The big event of the Morning Mission that day was the parade run where you could drive your own vehicle around PEC Tokyo.

Shortly after the opening of the Morning Mission, cars were called up again in chronological order and began to enter the PEC course in order.

Can you see that the air-cooled Porsches are lined up on the left and right of the PEC cars parked in the center?↓

I had heard that it was a parade run, so I thought all the Morning Mission participants would run in a line, albeit slowly, but in reality, they were separated into chronological order and ran separately. is.

I think it was a great souvenir for those who ran the race to be able to drive their own Porsches around the PEC Tokyo course.

Everyone who has gone around the PEC Tokyo course waited in line for a short while on the course.

This is because at the very end of the course, a commemorative photo was taken for each car.

Hmm, this is wonderful.

Along with the morning mission flag, I think the car was also photographed with the word PORSCHE on the back, although it is not visible in this photo.

After each car drove around the PEC Tokyo course in chronological order and took a commemorative photo, all cars headed back to the parking lot.

Afterwards, there was a greeting from Philippe, president of Porsche Japan, and a talk show with motor journalist Yuko Iida.

Afterwards, we took the usual group photo of the participants.

It was a very warm and sunny day, so I think everyone who gathered was able to take some wonderful commemorative photos (both in groups and in individual cars).

I realized once again that canceling last month's Morning Mission and moving it to this month was a really wise decision, and it was also the right decision ^^

I was also able to meet many people under the nice weather and had a really fun time.

I couldn't really take a good look at the cars because I was talking too much (I always do that (lol)), but there were a few cars that caught my attention.

The first one is this car.

This is a roof tent, right? ? great. I wish you could show me where it's open ^^

Furthermore, this one air-cooled unit.

When I suddenly saw it, I thought, ``Hmm? Is there something wrong with the way it shines?'' I approached it and...

It was sparkling and rainbow colored!

I think it may have been wrapped, but in the shadow it looked like silver, but under the bright sunlight it had an amazing iridescent shine, which was very unusual.

★Additional note (2024.2.26)★
Let me know in the comments. This car is painted, not wrapped! ! amazing! I must sincerely apologize.

The latest Porsches too (PEC exhibition).

As always, there were so many wonderful Porsches, each with their own individuality, and it was a very happy space.

Making rice cakes at PEC Tokyo

Furthermore, on this day, a mochi pounding event was also performed at the facility.

Those who were present at the event were able to make mochi if they wanted, and it was so cute to see the small children trying their best to make mochi.

It was also great to be served freshly made mochi on the spot.

Red bean paste, soybean flour, sesame, zunda, isobe (maybe just seaweed?)... Was it? There are several types available, and when you ask for this and that, they will prepare the mochi with the seasoning you desire.

I only had one because I had plans for lunch soon. Kinako.

The freshly made mochi was super soft and delicious. If I didn't have lunch plans, I would have eaten about 10 of them.

Kisapon also becomes a member of PEC Tokyo

Oh, and there's also the Porsche bear and Chiba-kun, who represent Chiba prefecture, which are always displayed as children's Porsches or on display at PEC Tokyo, but when I happened to look at them that day, I thought, "Huh? A raccoon?!" ↓

Why Mr. Tanuki...? ! When I was surprised, a woman nearby told me about it. Apparently it's a raccoon dog from Kisarazu.

I looked it up later and found out that it's a raccoon dog character created to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Kisarazu City's establishment, and his name is Kisapon. That's right.

The day started with participants taking their cars for a parade run through PEC Tokyo, followed by commemorative photos, a talk show, and mochi pounding.

Oh yeah, of course we got coffee, which is the icon of Morning Mission (I think there was no coffee lottery this time?)

We had a really fun time.

Thank you to everyone who spoke to me today, it was a great time ^^

14th Morning Mission Overview

The next morning mission, the 14th, will be held on Sunday, March 17, 2024.

The theme for the 14th event is "Convertible Car."

I think it's a very good season for convertible cars to gather. I hope it's sunny so there will be a lot of open cars.

The next guest speaker will be the same Yuko Iida this time.

Mr. Iida's favorite car is a Porsche Boxster (= open car), so I think he is the perfect person to be the guest on this day.

Application for the 14th Morning MissionFrom here 
Application period: Not listed at the moment (February 24, 2024) / The lottery results will be emailed about 10 days before the event, so it is better to apply at least 10 days before the event. I think.

Source: The contents and photos posted here this time arePEC Tokyo official siteto, andPEC Tokyo Official InstagramIncludes those from.

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