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Porsche 917 that Mr. Pagani likes

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Jaguar E-type and Porsche 917 were introduced

Horacio Pagani, the founder of Pagani.

This time, during the current period of refraining from going out to prevent corona infections around the world, Mr. Pagani sent out a video message (Mr. Pagani called this a "virtual meeting with everyone" ^^). ..

The video is from the garage he owns, so you can get a glimpse of part of Mr. Pagani's garage.

In this difficult time, he said, "Let's talk about what we like," while telling us that it is important to follow the rules that each country has to do, such as observing what the country says.

This time about the car that is my "favorite thing".

It's easy to see that he loves everything from real cars to model cars in his garage to posters and all kinds of car merchandise.

This time, the Jaguar E type was first introduced.

Pagani, who was born and raised in Argentina, met this E type when he was a 10-year-old boy.

He talks about memories of that time.

The main story is about the Jaguar E-Type, and there is also a call for SNS to talk about your passion and dreams.

... No, that's why that's the main message, but for me I'm more interested in what he said at the end.

Here is it.

Pagani and Porsche 917

According to Pagani, the Porsche 917 has always been my favorite race car.

That's right ~.

I thought that it was just a light feeling that "I like it", but Mr. Pagani, about this Porsche 917, from small to large, I own the number "120 or more" Or something.

It's completely the world's best Porsche 917 collector.

It was too serious. It was a serious "Porsche 917 love".

When I heard the number of Porsche 917 goods owned, I felt Pagani's love for Porsche 917, and I thought that his expression talking about the Porsche 917 should be very gentle.

He said, "And every morning I have breakfast with a Porsche 917 model car and a Porsche 917 cup."

It seems that there are several 917 mugs, and every morning, he chooses and uses the cup that suits his mood.

While talking about this Porsche 917 mug, Pagani who loves the cup is too kind! !! !!

"Oh, I feel a great love for Porsche 917," said Pagani, who was impressed by the love for Porsche that was transmitted through the screen.



"This way, for example, if you drank tea in this cup for breakfast,"

"Look, the Porsche 917 logo appears on the bottom of the cup you drank tea."

Everyone talks about feelings that make them happy with such a little thing, and let's cherish those feelings.

Already, when I was introduced to this series of cups, Mr. Pagani's facial expression was kind.

When I saw a great person like Mr. Pagani smiling happily at the Porsche 917 logo that appeared on the bottom of the cup, I could feel the overflowing love for the Porsche 917. I was very impressed.

It is afraid to write that I understand, but "Oh, I really like this Porsche 917, I understand ...", the feeling that I can not help but love the Porsche 911 and Pagani's feelings for 917 It overlapped and I was really impressed.

Even though I didn't know Mr. Pagani at all until now, I fell in love with Mr. Pagani with this one video ^ ^

The message from Mr. Pagani is "Let's stop unnecessary drives"

Finally, I got on the Pagani parked in my garage and started the engine.

He heard the engine sound firmly.

But, of course, after that, I don't drive out of the garage as it is, I turn off the engine in the garage.

Yes, because now is the period of refraining from going out.

"It's okay because I'm alone, I don't stop at any shops, I don't get out of the car, I just run." , Individuals are working together to overcome the difficult situation, so those who can refrain from going out should refrain from going out anyway.

The chances of a car breaking down or having an accident when you go out for a drive are not zero. I don't think we should take such a risk that may cause trouble to people just because of "playfulness".

* It is persistent, but it is not the person who goes out because of the need. It's all about going out just to enjoy the drive, without any necessary errands.

As a message at the end of the video


After that, there is a note saying "Let's make sure that the engine is ventilated when starting the engine in the garage", so please be careful about this ^ ^

That was a wonderful message from Mr. Pagani.

Here is the video ↓

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