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Porsche photos that won the News Press Award

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Newspress Award 2020

I didn't know that there is a "News Press Award" in the UK.

I wonder if it's okay to understand that commendations are given in various categories related to news coverage, such as so-called news photography.

The subject of the photograph of the person who won the award in the "Automotive Photographer" category this time was the 992 model which is the latest model of Porsche 911 ^ ^

The award was given in the UKJonathan Pearce..

This photo is so nice. Here is it ↓

Jonathan Pearce has taken pictures of various cars other than Porsche, and every picture is fascinated. Click here for his site → Jonny Pearce

His other Porsche photos look like this.

In the dark, it looks like you like shooting with Porsche highlighted.

And just before the final winners of this award were decided, three people were selected as candidates for the award.

These are Jonathan Pearce, Jayson Fong, and Richard Pardon.

Oh. Speaking of Richard, the other dayThose who taught me how to shoot a car through PorscheIsn't it! At that time, he also talked about how to make the car stand out in the dark.

Here is a picture of him ↓

Click here for his site → Richard Pardon

Here is a picture of another Jayson Fong who was selected.

It looks like a picture. Is this a photo? ?? ?? Amazing ↓

His other works look like this ↓

And his site is here → Jayson Fong

Both of these photographs are so wonderful that it is natural, but I don't think they are the same "photographs" as the ones I take.

You can see that each piece is filled with feelings.

Hmmm, I thought I'd take more pictures of my beloved Porsche 911, even if I'm not good at it.

After refraining from corona, find a good place and go take a lot of pictures! !! Only my feelings for Porsche should be stronger than anyone, so I hope the day will come when I can take pictures of Porsche 911 that conveys those feelings ^ ^

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