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"Rolls-Royce: Rolls-Royce" list

List of car groups: Which car manufacturer belongs to which group

The parent companies of each car brand looked at where the world's major automakers had a table of which groups they belonged to. The simple figure was very easy to see ^^ McLaren, Ast ...

Rolls-Royce Kids Design Competition, Winners from Japan

2020/10/14   -Rolls-Royce: Rolls-Royce

Rendering a work selected by a professional designer Rolls-Royce has been holding a young designer for kids since April 2020 after the coronavirus has locked down various areas and refrained from going out. ..

Barbie's car itinerary was amazing

Barbie dolls and cars born in 1959 Suddenly speaking of Barbie dolls, the world-famous blonde who is famous for having a boyfriend named Ken, who seems to have seen it once. Girl. That ...

1/8 scale Rolls-Royce Cullinan is made to the same specifications as your car

I still want a miniature car with my own car specifications I think that the world of miniature cars, model cars, etc. is deep, so there are people in the world who are making various wonderful model cars. Related article: Given the light ...

What about Ferrari, gold and rubies, or diamonds?

Operation mode changeover switch (Manettino) and paddle shift in gold France can be installed on Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, etc. sold by a shop called "Atelier Cara" in Paris ...

Ferrari Shinonome Service Center Tour! Rolls Royce floor

Cornes Shiba and Cornes Shinonome Service Center Ferrari 488 Spider was on a weekday. I had a little errand, so I exchanged an email with Ferrari's advisor and said, "Then, later ...

The Rolls-Royce wheel center cap always has the RR mark in the correct position!

Rolls Royce Convertible Dodon. There was a very nice white Rolls Royce in the parking lot in Tokyo that I often use. What's more, it stays open. ...

Being caught up in Rolls Royce ... (laughs)

It was when I was driving in Tokyo and stopped at a traffic light. I felt a very sharp line of sight from some distance. "Who? What?", Looking in the direction of the line of sight ... I'm scared (laughs)! From afar, and quietly from the hinterland in the green ...

What I was thinking is now a reality! Rolls Royce next to McLaren

The other day, I wrote that McLaren needs to be careful to secure the space to open the dihedral door by myself ... At that time, "(even if I parked carefully), a big car such as Escalade or Rolls Royce came next to me. ..

Rolls Royce convertible + gold foil

2018/05/22   -Rolls-Royce: Rolls-Royce

If you think that the car is loaded and running, it's a Rolls-Royce convertible! It's amazing, is it going to be delivered? While thinking about it, when I get closer. The foil is gold! !! !! It's gold, gold. It's amazing! in town ...


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