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This is a blog list page about the latest information about McLaren, news, specs, specifications, main specifications, test drive reviews, prices, purchase considerations, McLaren I met, etc.

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BMW is denying, although there are rumors that BMW and Audi are considering buying McLaren

2021/11/15   -BMW: BM W, Mclaren: McLaren

In the first place, it is a story about why McLaren will be acquired ★ This story is straying now, and the day after writing this, the news that "Audi has already acquired McLaren" was heard, but This is Mc ...

Porsche and others at Goodwood in 2021

Porsche: Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021 The Goodwood Festival of Speed, which had been canceled due to Corona last year in 2020, will be held again this year. this time ...

Le Bolan Cars Meet 2021 to Yokohama

LEVOLANT CARS MEET 2021 A while ago, I was still looking at a car magazine at a beauty salon, and I saw that a car event for Le Bolan was held at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, so I stopped by. ..

2020 Odaiba Super Car Day: Are McLaren Speedtail and Porsche Taycan similar?

November 1st is Supercar Day November 1st is Supercar Day, so I went to "Tokyo Supercar Day 2020 Odaiba" in Odaiba where the Japan Supercar Association was held ^ ^ This time ...

McLaren Senna Electric Kids Car

McLaren Senna Ride-on EV Before, I wrote about the electric kids car of McLaren 720S, but then McLaren is now "McLaren Senna" (McLaren Senna) electric for children ...

Time spent in McLaren Tokyo

2020/08/01   -Mclaren: McLaren

Visiting a McLaren dealer after a long time While saying "Please let me go to play again", various situations overlapped, and in reality I was not able to go for a fairly long period of time, McLaren dealer Makura ...

Remodeling the McLaren 720S kids car

Children's electric car Power Wheels, a so-called battery-powered kids car that you can actually ride and run. Here, the first one seems to have appeared in the 1980s. Reference article: Electric kit ...

The benefits of the limited Blu-ray set of Fast & Furious Super Combo are McLaren 720S

Only three limited editions have been prepared for the release of Super Combo on Blu-ray. Normally, I rarely contact my husband like "Can I buy xx?" But this time, I wanted to ask it anyway, so I just ...

Line up with 3 Porsche, line up with McLaren

If you notice it, it's July in no time. The cars I met in June, I enjoyed them again ^^ First of all, here is the Jaguar XKR-S GT. 550 horsepower of a 5 liter V8 supercharged engine ...

The McLaren GT is even cooler!

2019/05/21   -Mclaren: McLaren

New model of McLaren: Mclaren GT "McLaren GT" announced on May 15, 2019. This model is the fourth new model based on McLaren's Track25 business plan ...


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