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cute tiffany race car watch

2022/12/11   -Etc .: Other

Time for Speed Collection Tiffany & Co. launches two new Time for Speed collections. This is so cute~^^ That ...

The child received a car emblem

2022/12/09   -Etc .: Other

A real emblem attached to an actual car My child went to an elementary school field trip, but when he came home, he said happily, "Did you get anything today? Look!" Did you get some souvenirs? I think ...

What is KN Car, which is searched by 30,000 people every month in the United States?

2022/11/23   -Etc .: Other

Kia's new logo looks like KN Last year, Kia Motors (KIA) changed its circular logo to a new one, and here's the new logo ↓ People who saw this new logo This logo is recognized as KIA's ...

Do you know Monster Jam? Taikan also runs!

Do you know Monster Jam Monster Truck and Taycan S Cross Turismo Monster Jam? Somewhat terrible cars called "monster trucks" are raced and jumped to compete.

RM Sotheby's Holds Auction Expected Up To $60 Million Including Amazing Ferrari Cars

RM Sotheby's Gran Turismo Collection held on November 5, 2022 This time, it has been announced that an amazing auction will be held. The auction itself will be held by RM Sotheby's on Saturday, November 5, 2022.

Did you know that JEEP ducking is popular in Canada and the US?

2022/09/16   -Etc .: Other

Duck-Duck-Jeep I didn't know this at all! ! It started to become popular in Canada, and now it's spreading to the United States.

Porsche 911 RSR comes to Fuji Speedway ~

2022 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) Round 5 Fuji 6 Hours Endurance Race September 9th (Fri), 10th (Sat) and 11th (Sun), 2022 at Fuji Speedway 6 Hours of the FIA World Endurance Championship An endurance race was held...

A trivial story at the end of summer… Michelin-kun and sustainability

2022/09/03   -Etc .: Other

I'm sorry if it's not a good story.It's getting cooler in the mornings and evenings, and it's the season that makes me think that maybe autumn will fly away and winter will come again. I think it's long...

You can now fly the same missions as Top Gun Maverick in Flight Simulator

2022/08/23   -Etc .: Other

British flight simulator "Vantage Simulations" Actually flying fighter planes and airplanes is something that many people dream of piloting, but in the real world it is quite easy to do.

Bentley Designs Macallan Bottle: The Macallan Horizon

2022/08/23   -Bentley: Bentley, Etc .: Other

Exclusive single malt whiskey horizontal bottle: The Macallan Horizon Bentley-designed whiskey is the first collaboration between Bentley and whiskey Macallan Distillery.


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