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Buy Puma x Porsche Suede RS 2.7 Limited Edition Black x Red

2022/07/27   -Etc .: Other, Porsche: Porsche

Porsche 911 Carrera RS2.7 50th Anniversary Model Sneakers I wrote a while ago that I bought a Porsche and Puma collaboration sneaker that was released overseas on June 9, 2022. Overseas site ...

[Addition] Now, Aichi prefecture is hot in Porsche Instagram in me

Porsche Center Nagakute Ueda Certified Used Car Center Suddenly, recently I have a daily routine to visit a certain Porsche related site in Aichi prefecture, which is one of my daily pleasures. Is it about the last two months? ...

Rebolt Pro Extreme glass coating, pretty amazing

Shortly before the Porsche 911 car wash, I went to the car wash of my beloved Black Carrera again. Recently, I like a quiet car wash in the suburbs, and I often go there to wash when I drive. As a reason to go there ...

Bugatti for under $ 1,000 at Costco

2022/06/20   -Etc .: Other

Bugatti's electric scooter I don't know if it will be in Costco in Japan (not yet sold as of June 20, 2022), but at least it's already starting to be sold in Costco overseas. ...

What is often mistaken for the name of the car manufacturer

2022/06/20   -Etc .: Other

There was an interesting article about the name of an automobile manufacturer that is often misspelled, so I took a look. It is about the result of the investigation about "automakers who are often misspelled" overseas. Someone is looking into that ...

Super Taikyu 2022 Round 2 Fuji Speedway Supporting Porsche in 24 hours Day2

This article is a continuation of "Super Taikyu 2022 Round 2 Fuji Speedway Supporting Porsche in 24 Hours Day1". If you don't mind, please start from Day 1 first. Cheering from the crystal room all night and dawn ...

Super Taikyu 2022 Round 2 Fuji Speedway Supporting Porsche in 24 hours Day1

Support for Porsche Team EBI Waimarama This year, we went to "ENEOS Super Taikyu Series 2022 Powered by Hankook Round 2 NAPAC Fuji SUPER ...

Meet God on a forest road in Shikoku

2022/06/01   -BMW: BM W, Etc .: Other

What happened at Funakubotsutsuji Park in Tokushima Prefecture Suddenly a dubious spiritual (?) It's a story, but if you have time, please ask ^^ I want someone to listen! The other day, I was driving in the Shikoku and Chugoku regions on weekends, ...

TAG Heuer also sells "Carrera" Limited Edition watches

2022/05/20   -Etc .: Other, Porsche: Porsche

The name Ferry Porsche, which is derived from Carrera Panamericana of Mexico, and Porsche and TAG Heuer, who are Jack Heuer, each made a product named "Carrera", and the origin of the word is Meki. ..

Porsche Taycan is "sold out" until 2023

I don't know if it's really just a story in Europe and the US Recently, I couldn't write it because I was a little skeptical about updating the blog (no particular reason (laughs)), but a while ago (2022/5) / 4) Financial ...


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