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Recent status report

2021/12/01   -Etc .: Other

I'm sorry, I'm blogging about it ... Some people are worried (Thank you ^^), so I'm urgently reporting on the latest situation. I'm living well (laughs). Various events ...

Falling objects at the Metropolitan Expressway

The road emergency dial was # 9910 the other day when I was driving on the Metropolitan Expressway with Black Carrera (991.2). I didn't run that fast because there was a car on the whole, but that doesn't mean it's more than necessary (...

Morning Caroline and near miss? Sorry ~

The ship that carried the Porsche The other day, I went for a drive with my husband on the BMW M3. The purpose was not to run the Ise-Shima Skyline, but is this the second time since the beginning of this year? Third time? Ise-Shima Skyra ...

It's the season when the Porsche tire pressure warning lights up: Inflate Porsche tires with Costco's electric inflator

2021/11/10   -Etc .: Other, Porsche: Porsche

20V Hybrid Power Inflator (Electric Air Compressor) Recently, there are days in Tokyo where it suddenly gets cold, and even if it is warm in the daytime, it gets cold in the morning and evening.

I wonder if Porsche will revive in F1 with Red Bull

Porsche is seriously considering participating in F1 I saw an article a while ago, but I could not write it ... Recently there have been a few things and I have a feeling that I want to write a blog. I have enough time to pass ...

Bugatti-Rimac officially established

2021/11/03   -Etc .: Other, Porsche: Porsche

Bugatti-Remac established on November 1, 2021 Bugatti and Remac announced on July 5, 2021 that they had agreed to establish a joint venture, with its official launch in the fourth quarter of 2021. ..

What is the new distance after refurbishment when measuring the official lap time at the Nürburgring?

2021/10/26   -Etc .: Other

Distance on the Nürburgring Nordschleife is now 20.8km from 20.6km before When Mr. Larskan broke a new lap time record at the Nürburgring in Panamera in 2020, "Nurburg now ...

Toyota Vitz is my car

2021/10/19   -Etc .: Other

Vitz is my favorite car. Recent status report. I don't know who I'm reporting to (laughs). Well, my recent report on my car. That is Toyota Vitz here. Body color like pearl white. It's cute ...

Michael Schumacher's documentary on Netflix

Published September 15, 2021 Netflix "Schumacher" Announced a few weeks ago, as many of you may already know, Michael Schumacher from September 15, 2021 on Netflix ...

List of car groups: Which car manufacturer belongs to which group

The parent companies of each car brand looked at where the world's major automakers had a table of which groups they belonged to. The simple figure was very easy to see ^^ McLaren, Ast ...


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