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Experience driving on ice at Yachiho Lake again

Second experience driving on ice Exactly one year ago, I had the opportunity to experience driving on ice for the first time in my life by driving a car on a frozen lake. Here's what happened: My first experience driving on ice: Driving a BMW M3 on Yachiho Lake ice...

Fremantle Highway fire extinguished, about 800 vehicles safely transported: BMW, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, etc.

The ship Fremantle Highway, which was carrying 3,783 cars, caught fire on July 25, 2023, but managed to extinguish without sinking and now arrives at a port in the Netherlands. .

[Update] A car carrier named Fremantle Highway carrying about 3,000 cars is expected to catch fire and sink off the coast of the Netherlands.

The fire is believed to have been caused by an electric car Fremantle Highway, a car carrier that was carrying about 3,000 vehicles from the port of Bremerhaven in Germany to Port Said in Egypt.

BMW purchase note: Ship tracking with M3 (Chiba Port)

2023/05/20   -BMW: BM W, Porsche: Porsche

I went to Chiba port to meet a boat carrying a BMW. Now I am waiting for delivery of the 911 I ordered and I am chasing the boat that has brought the car all the way from Germany. I would like to suddenly talk about two years ago ...

What is the Porsche snowmark

What is the snow mark mark displayed on the Porsche 911? how cold is it getting And I suddenly looked at the display of the outside temperature ...

After the snow ducks of Yachiho Lake

2023/02/10   -BMW: BM W, Etc .: Other

Once again, I'm sorry that this is a really irrelevant story. Hehehe. The other day, I made a corps of 14 snow duck captains at Yachiho Lake, where I went to run on the ice. By the way, that...

First ice driving experience in my life: Driving on Yachiho Lake ice with BMW M3

The experience of driving on a frozen lake. Finally, finally. This day has come. I left my home in Tokyo early in the morning and arrived at the PA in Sakudaira in Nagano Prefecture around 6am. Today's car is a BMW M3. this ...

Has your BMW been hacked? Who is Dee?

2022/12/14   -BMW: BM W

BMW's social media is hijacked... I wonder if it's a marketing that looks like it From December 13, 2022, BMW's official social media site has been hijacked by "Dee". Here is the official Instagram of BMW ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger sells BMW Pegasus

2022/11/26   -BMW: BM W

What's wrong, BMW Arnold Schwarzenegger has appeared in the role of Zeus in the BMW advertisement (CM) that was played at the Super Bowl held in the United States in February 2022. It was the role at that time ...

BMW Stamp Rally 2022 Spring, National Complete

I've done it again, BMW Spring Stamp Rally I think that some of the people I know and those who send me emails and DMs know from the conversation, but I (and my husband), last year I was ranked second in the country ...


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